Archive | July 8, 2018

Fleeing the City

This is, more or less, slice of life as the world burns.  The gas station guy came to me and I needed to give the story something of an end if not a beginning.

So here it is, Fae Apoc, early in the war so mid-2011.  


“What do you mean,’no satellites found?’”. Hayley pounded the dashboard with her fist and glared at the GPS, her phone, and the road.  “They’re up there, you idiots! They didn’t go away!”

“Well.” Tyler cleared her throat.  “They might have, you know. The god-things took out Manhattan.  A satellite is probably no big deal forgot them, you know?”

“I see a gas station.  We should fill up while we can.” Lindsay pointed from the back seat.  “There. Eddie’s Gas and Service.” Continue reading