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Originally posted on Patreon in July 2018 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

There were times when she regretted that the Mara could not shift their sex the way the Daeva could, and this was one of them.

The colonies were still wild, of course; that was why she had come.  She was craving a challenge.  She was craving a frontier.

She kept running into men who wanted to put her in a house.  Put her in a house and put her in her place.  And that – that was not what she wanted, not a house-man with house-soft hands, not a house-life with curtains and furniture.  She wanted a frontier. Continue reading

(Not) Getting Old

Inspired by Life Extension, by Isaac Arthur. 

…People will obviously still leave jobs, but they’re no longer retiring.
You are not going to get the management slot when Sally retires in two years, you are not inheriting Dad’s business, at least not for several centuries.
You’re not inheriting his house either.
When he does die odds are good he will have several thousand descendants kicking around.
You also now have a de facto gerontocracy….

His sci-fi videos are chewy but really interesting. 

A story of Cya Red Doomsday, who does not get old, and one of her descendants, who hasn’t had time to grow up yet.  Continue reading