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Captive in the Bear Empire

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“So that’s how you did that knot.”

“What?  Oh, yes.”  Deline tightened up the last of the spell-rope knots around their would-be murderer with a yank.

“Do they teach that in spy training in the Empire?”  Carrone shifted the blade he was holding so that it was in a slightly less threatening position against the assassin’s throat.

“That’s at least three assumptions.”  She sat back and looked at the woman, who glared balefully at her over the thick gag of rag and socks.  Dirty socks; Deline was not in a charitable mood.

“Hunh?  I guess it is.  Are you going to give her the—”

“Hsst.”  She looked down at the woman.  “You have three choices.” Continue reading

Housekeeping – Patreon

I am slowly copying my Patreon fiction posts to WordPress for better archiving and so they show up, at least those in a particular ‘verse, in the landing pages.

What I have moved can be found here –

Patreons have the password(s); there will be one for each year, just so that they do eventually change.

When I remember, I will make sure that those that Aren’t locked on patreon also aren’t locked here.