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Bad Things Happen Bingo: Thunder (III)

Count: ~1500
Chara(s): A God of Thunder (OC)
Pairing(s): N/A
Fandom: Org Fic – Fae Apoc xover
Prompt: Hate Plague

This continues a series of stories taking place in my universe, Fae Apoc, at the time just before the aforementioned apoc.  Portals are opening up to one other world at that time, and in this story, well, they happen to open up into a whole BUNCH of worlds. 

And from those worlds, a bunch of poor soon-to-be-victims-of-bad-things who bear some resemblances to fandom characters happen to slip through some portals.  And then bad things happen to them, because that, after all, is the name of the Bingo.

Content warnings for the series: violence, death, bondage, capture, drugging, visions. For this story: violence, lost of choice, capture. 

A. Author’s Note

Author’s note: In the universe in which this is set (My Fae Apoc ‘verse), for fae, saying “I belong to you” ties one into a binding Belonging of obedience and affection.  Since Thunder below isn’t QUITE a fae, it doesn’t work quite the same for him, but he’s still dealing with the emotional parts of it as the universe tries to figure out what he is.  I.e. disobeying feels really bad; he really likes the woman he said I Belong to You to, and so on.

B. Thunder

All things considered, Thunder thought he’d come out all right.  He might have fallen through a strange portal that hadn’t been there when he started his jump and definitely had been there when he landed.  He might have been kidnapped and, as far as he could tell, enslaved. He might be without his weapons, weapons that had served him for aeons, in a strange land with no contact with home and no way to get there.

But he had been sold to a lovely woman — possibly a frost elf, but she didn’t seem to be trying to kill him, so probably not — who had taken one look at him and, with a smile that showed all of her teeth, declared “I am going to use you to destroy the gods.” Continue reading

A New World 26: Differences

“Tomorrow night.”  Gemma had agreed to that much.  “Tomorrow, if you come by the museum after yours closes, I will take you to Jamhaier.  I don’t know why you want to go to that place, but I will take you.”

“Thank you.”  Kael wasn’t sure she needed a guide, per se, but she knew that she enjoyed Gemma’s company and that this city had far more to navigate than just the roads and other such things a map would show.

Like these very confusing relations between the Hoija and the others, and the way that almost nobody knew about any other nations.

Had the Hoija – who had not exactly been warlike, back in her time – wiped the rest of them out?  Or taken them all over and given them all their name? Continue reading