In Which I Muse about a New Year

Content warning: I get a little dark and think about mortality and chronic illness partway through here.  

I think it’s not a good sign that I’ve utterly trailed off on blog posts, so voila, for 2019, a blog post!

This is not a resolutions post, not quite, but it has some thoughts about my going-forward times.

Last year, I wanted to finish a novel.  I didn’t, but I got a lot of words written on 4 different novel projects and learned a lot about outlining novels.  I’ll count that as a partial win.

Last year, I wanted to lose weight.  I… didn’t.  So I want to think about some new tactics for getting moving in 2019.  Maybe (belatedly) pokemon go?

There’s some personal goals, too, but those are kinda private.  Interpersonal relationship stuff, mostly.  You know, that stuff that is hard and always needs more work.

This year, I want to learn to manage tasks better, and I want to write things that get published. I think that’s the short version.

Also, if I can write another 3/4 million words, that would be pretty darn cool.

I’ve been thinking about the future a lot.  I’ve been thinking about the fact that cures and technology and life extension improve every year.

I’ve been thinking about staying healthy enough to live ‘till a cure for MS.

Well, not “staying,” more “getting.”

It’s an interesting motivation, but I might be able to make it work enough to force myself into more activity.

…Well, that took a turn for the dark.

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here’s to being healthy and happy as we feel the need to be in the new year!

4 thoughts on “In Which I Muse about a New Year

  1. I am super impressed by all the writing you did this year! It’s awesome, and I’m proud of you. You will write a novel, and I will excitedly buy it.

    All the best for the new year.

  2. if you are ever interested, i would happily natter with you about fat percent reduction techniques, and general health/exercise suchness. it’s a battle i have been fighting all of my life [bad genetics, though no illnesses other than depression and genetic predisposition to obesity, diabetes, thyroid issues, etc. etc.], and while i am not an expert, i think i have some insight from my research.

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