Buffer? What Buffer?

Hi guys!

Sometime over December-January and my, uh, slight burn-out, I ran out of buffer on all but Hidden Mall (which has very short chapters). This leads to a stressed Lyn.

I am going to take next week (except Hidden Mall, already scheduled) off of posting fiction here – hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll get Edally re-started next Tuesday. Everything currently posting (Haunted House, Funerary Rites, Row-Mance, Arcology prompts) will return the week afterwards.

There will still be fiction on my Patreon! I may manage to update AO3 as well, and hopefully also Ko-Fi.



5 thoughts on “Buffer? What Buffer?

  1. Take a break when you need to, we’ll be waiting to read when you get back. I’ve especially enjoyed funerary and haunted.

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