Sick Day

I’m home sick!  And I’m home sick with something banal!

When I woke up Saturday with a cold, I was actually excited.  There’ve been so many obnoxious “what is WRONG with me?” “Is this a symptom of something extant or is it something new?” “What did my medicine DO to me?” in the last two years that having something whose symptoms I recognized completely, something that I understood what to do about, was more than a relief; I was cheerful!

Of course, on day 4 (maybe 6) of this, I am not so bright and excited, but hey, I have been taking naps and drinking lots of fluids and husband has been making me lots of tea.  A nap in front of the fire is a pretty nice way to spend part of the day, especially with a cat asleep on my belly (That would be Merit, the one of our three who has really mastered sleeping-on-people). 

I’ve been taking the time to do a little writing in between naps and some working on Letter-Month cards, too.

As of the mail that’s probably gone out by now, I’ve sent 34 pieces of LetterMo/InCoWriMo mail this month – some postcards, some stationery, some cards; some of it with mail art, some hand-glued envelopes, a couple mail tags (mail tag! Did I talk about that last time?  Maybe, but I don’t see it.

How to Play Mail Tag

What they most remind me of is the meme time back when memes were like “ask me five questions and then I have to ask anyone who pings me five questions.” Or “list five things about your favorite character”.  (I LOVED That “Ask me five questions” meme!).

I think I still like Mail Art the best, but mail tag is kind of a nice use for some washi tape and one of the multicolored index cards I’ve been carrying around since my LARPing days.

(and that way I can fit in more questions than the paper I have allows for).

Oh!  And my paper from La Papierre arrived and it is awesome!


It makes me want to write ALL THE LETTERS so I can get on their subscription service.

(p.s. If I haven’t written to you yet, I haven’t forgotten, but even at 1-2 letters a day and replying to everything I get there’s a lot of letters to write).

(p.p.s If you’d like to write to me or like me to write to you, just message me your name and address. Yes, international is fine!)

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