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There’s always fiction of mine scattered all over the web!

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read:
After the End – the gods gather to discuss the results
The Place at the End of the Mists – Tilda walked into the mists.  Eventually, she walked out
Friday Thing – He showed up on Friday.

On Patreon – those that are free are marked with a * – This month is Research Month; Last month was Friends 
Secret Lairs – a Trunk Story– They need a new Lair, to do their “Research” in
Recipe Blog: Baked Brie
Recipe Blog: Success and Failure – Really Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies; Avocado rice. 
The Expectant Wood – Nimbus’ Journey continues with Chapter 35: The Wilds of the Tame Lands
*Ugly Jewelry – a story of the Aunt Family*- Rosaria was fairly certain that one of her nieces had given it to her last.
Somewhat Hereditary-The world shook when she was born. 
*In The End…* A story of Addergoole, Hell Night, and friendship
Beyond Rules – a moment for Aud and Sage
Time Passes – a story of Whitney (open for non-Patrons after 90 days)
Map: A Tír na Cali Baronial Estate

On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing.
Exchange Students – Harry is going to Addergoole. Porter is coming to Hogwarts. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Reconstruction – The war is over, and yet Harry, Hermione, and Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny find they have another war on their hands. What’s more, Harry appears to have an enslaved Draco on his hands.

On Mastodon – free to read and fun to join; super short fics
Bird Brains
Tootplanet and Explorer Log 

And I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in the last two: 

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