Camp Nano and Other Updates

I didn’t keep up with those Camp Nano updates very well, did I?

Well, it’s Wednesday, and I made it!

Depending on if we’re using Scrivener’s word counting, Camp Nano’s, or Word’s, I hover somewhere between 24900 and 25200 words.

Since my Camp Nano goal was 20,000, it’s a win!

I mean, I’m not done with Autumn Lightning, but I’m closer.  I wrapped up the Nathen-rescues-Leo-from-the-slavers story, and I’m working on but more than three-quarters done with, I think, the Leo-rescues-Nathen-from-the evil-mind-doctor story.

(Why yes, they do spend a large portion of this novel rescuing each other.  It’s the post-apocalypse, after all ;-).

Here’s a snippet!

Nathen leaned back against the chair and breathed out, staring at Leo. “You scared the bitch that had – that had me tied to a table – that had done the same to you – you scared her enough that she let you out?”

“Yep.” Leo looked pleased with himself. Frankly, Nathen couldn’t fault him for that.

“You-” Nathen cleared his throat. “Well. That explains – That explains a lot, actually.” It didn’t explain why there had been four of Leo in there, but he wasn’t quite sure how to approach that. “That – You were pretty damn intimidating, you know.”

“I know. The lightning makes a good show.” He held out his hand and a flurry of electricity arced through the air above his palm.

Now it’s May!  And while I’m still working on Autumn Lightning, I have some other ideas and some other projects, too. 

Wyste introduced me to this site: and quests, which go like, to quote their very useful Guide to Questing, “Quest Master (QM) presents scenario, participants vote on a path to take, QM resolves action generating a new derivative scenario, participants vote on path to take, QM resolves action generating a new derivative scenario, repeat.”

Something like Choose-your-own-Adventure by group vote.

Okay, guys, you know me, at least somewhat. (My favorite dinosaurs are the triceratops and the stegosaurus, how about you?)   Did you really think that I could see this and not start a quest?

It’s here:

It’s Fae Apoc, right in the middle of said apocalypse. It’s “clean” for sexual content but it is set in the middle of an apocalypse.

Wyste and Cal have quests – Wyste’s is a vampire in a zombie apoc and Cal’s is about an augmented reality/virtual reality game – that are both awesome and I suggest you check those out too.

What else am I doing?

Well, you know I like comments.  So I decided to bribe people!  For the first week of May, when I get a substantive comment(*) on a piece of work of mine posted on this website or on Ao3, I will write a “blort” (200-300 words) on that piece (or, if it’s not an ongoing piece, on a sequel/prequel).  When I have enough to post something, I will (approx 2-10 comments, depending on the thing).

Gaming the system will be met with eyerolls and not more words, but if you REALLY have more than one comment worth of stuff to say (I’m looking at you, Kelkyag), you can do that.

(*) This is this sort of thing where you tell me something you liked about the story/chapter, or something that you were curious about, maybe something you’re hoping comes next, maybe a speculation about what’s coming next or about what’s going on.

Sauergeek and Kelkyag leave great long comments; Eseme and Clare-Dragonfly & Gudy & Rix leave great short comments (not to say other people don’t!  Those are just the ones that come to mind immediately).

Yes: if this is an old piece, I will work on it

BUT if it stopped because I felt like I needed to go back 10 chapters and start again, I’m gonna do that, or write a side piece.

Any other questions? Leave it in the comments.

(Comments on blog posts do not get you more blog posts, probably 😉

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