The Hills Sleep

After When the Hills Quake.

(Planetary Date 5 Years 4 months)

From the looks of things, the wolf-hills have a rather long cycle of waking and sleeping.

We have been debating for some time – since “our” wolf went back to sleep – if we should move down to the land that doesn’t move or stay where we are.

Three things stay on the side of staying where we are:

First: We don’t know, not for sure, that the land doesn’t move, too.  We just know that it doesn’t move on the same cycle as the wolf-hills.

Secondly: while our “grass” coats may have been why the hill-wolf considered us part of it, it might also have been the scent or some other marker that was imbued by living on its hip.

Thirdly: It’s warmer here than it is anywhere else, and that’s a very nice advantage in the wintertime and not all that unpleasant in the summertime.

On the other hand, we know that we can’t build up too high while we are camping on a living being.  We’ve had a number of discussions about how intelligent these things might be – do we need to simply “make as little impact as possible” and wait it out until the ship returns to pick us up? (It’s late, but that is par for the course)

So far, our studies have been inconclusive.

However, the hill-wolf does appear to enjoy being brushed, and so we’ve been working on a very large brush to soothe the hills.  I imagine the debates as to the sentience of the hills will continue until the ship comes for us, or until some creature here makes contact with us, or until we find some Very Large Writings that are clearly the result of creatures so big we mistake them for hills.

In the meantime, we’ll continue searching for more of the relics we have discovered, and wait (as long as we have to) for the ship to come back for us.

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3 thoughts on “The Hills Sleep

  1. Thank you for writing this! I like the idea of a very large brush… very amusing. And it makes sense that the hills would be warmer. It is an interesting choice. I am glad that “their hill” likes them.

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