A Weekend, the Sun, the Cold, and the Cats – a blog post

This is going to be a sort of generalize life-of-Lyn post, so hello!

Yesterday, we took the boys to the vet (that’s Oli and Theo, my boycats) for their annual checkup and rabies booster.  They remain pretty, fluffy, in good help and well taken-care-of, according to our vet, and they even swallowed their pills like good boys.

I’ve been sickish for about a week and a half, so if I’ve been quiet, other than scheduled posts, that’s why.  Did you know your sternum can get inflamed?  It kind of sucks. It’s called Tietze Syndrome or Costochondritis (although looking these up, WebMD seems to think they’re different things, my doctor put both on the paperwork).  It’s — well, annoying, on a good day.


This Saturday, on the other hand, was awesome.  We stacked wood and I mowed the lawn with my new riding mower!! and we planted our first plant after we went to a plant sale and, all in all, it felt like spring.

(then Sunday and Monday came and it was rainy and freezing*, but that’s its own thing)

*not literally freezing, just unpleasantly cold.

So… that’s my life lately 🙂  Firewood, garden, cats, health.

Oh, and the local reUse center held a sale of a woman’s yarn stash after she passed suddenly and so much yarn.  I managed to get out with only like… 14 skeins?  I think I did pretty well.

Now I just have to start knitting again…

How are all y’all coping with the chilly Spring, or do you guys have the warm stuff I’m obviously missing?

2 thoughts on “A Weekend, the Sun, the Cold, and the Cats – a blog post

  1. The chilly spring is messing with my exercise goals, because cold. Otherwise I am hanging in there, and looking forward to vacation next week.

  2. I look out the window to see what the weather is and especially to see how people are dressed on the street. Then I check the AccuWeather app for some detail about the rest of the day. I have noticed that the weather exactly here can be somewhat different from what the app reports, but I guess that isn’t surprising even though the app says it knows exactly where I am, to within half a mile or less.

    We are getting a lot of warm weather, but also a significant amount of cloudy, rainy, and cool weather, like today. So I decide whether to wear just a printed T-shirt, or an undershirt plus a long-sleeved shirt; and whether to wear a sweater or a very light shell jacket or a lined warm jacket (or carry them in a tote bag if it’s warm enough now but expected to cool off later); and whether I need an umbrella.

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