What Next?


You may have noticed that I have come to the end of Haunted House!

This leaves me with a slot for posting things and being uncertain what to work on next.

So I thought I’d ask you guys!

Options include:

  • Leave the slot open and work on getting Haunted House edited and ready for publication
  • Leave the slot open for rotating prompt calls of short stories
  • Pick up one of the following:
    • Beauty-Beast
    • Purchase Negotiation
    • BeeKeeper
    • Post-Scar City
    • Post-Scarcity Mystery
    • Catboys in Cages
  • Pick up something else (your suggestion)
    • Portal Closed has been suggested & seconded
    • Desmond’s Climb has been suggested & seconded
    • Bee-pocalypse has been suggested
    • Science! (the Chickens) has been suggested
    • Fairy Town: Whitney & the Crossroads Park, or Katydid’s series
    • Space Accountant
  • Start a new serial (your suggestion)
    • Dragons next Door
    • Aunt Family
    • Things Unspoken

Note: I have Kael’s Tower earmarked to work on when I finish Hidden Mall, and Funerary Rites was giving me a lot of trouble the last time I tried to work on it, thus why they’re not on the list.


8 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Beauty-Beast
    Post-Scar City
    in that order. (What is the difference between Post-Scar City and Post-Scarcity?)

    • Post-scar city is the story of several teens from the Habitats (rotating habitats far above Earth) — where a large portion of Humanity fled when the Scars began to take over earth — returning to Earth to go to uni and learning how Earth coped with the Scars.

      Post-scarcity mystery is a story set in an arcology where people are free to work either for spending cash for luxuries or at their arts/passion projects.

  2. Portal Closed
    Desmond’s Climb
    SCIENCE! (of which the Feltner Chicken series is most like a serial)
    Fairy Town: Whitney & the Crossroads Park, or Katydid’s series
    Space Accountant (not quite like a serial, but mostly linear/could be?)

    I’d love to see a serial in Dragons Next Door or Things Unspoken or Aunt Family, all of which have open threads which are not set up quite that way but could be. <looks guilty about overdue commentating>

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