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Apparently, what happens when I have too much time to think in a hotel.


“You put what¬†in the shampoo?”

“I didn’t put it in the shampoo, I changed our contract to a company that put it in the personal care products.”¬†¬†Lorin wasn’t visibly on the defensive, yet, but there was a bit of a shoulder-shift going on.¬†

“Okay, so, our contractor¬†put what¬†in the ‘personal care products?'”¬†Auria was not at all mollified by Lorin’s “correction.”

“Pheromones.¬†¬†¬†Not a lot, no, just a tiny bit.¬† Just enough to make people who visit our hotel feel like they’re part of an in-group, part of a select clan.¬† Just enough to make them breathe in and think ah, home¬†about our hotel and our guests.”¬†Lorin had clearly read all of the marketing material. Twice.

“Lorin. We are hosting a fantasy convention¬†this weekend.¬† Every room we were willing to book is triple-occupied if not quintuple-occupied, and that’s not counting the guests they think we don’t know about.¬† So figure an average of 4.5 guests to each room.¬† They’re almost all requesting extra toiletries. Extra towels.¬† And they are spending all day in the main Conference Spaces.¬† Do you see the problem? Do you see?”

Auria gestured broadly towards the lobby, not that she needed to.  There were clearly two groups: those who had taken advantage of the toiletries and those who had not.  Or so one could assume from the very tight gathering of one group and the far looser gathering on the other side, the smiles and slightly tilted heads vs. the slightly stand-offish body language, the more tidy costumes, in some cases, vs. not.  Those who were in the first group were looking almost beatific.   And those in the second were looking both left-out and  irritated.

“So… you’re saying.”¬† Lorin looked at Auria, then back at the lobby, then back at Auria, “that I should encourage the rest of them to try our new hand soap?”

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