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Purchase Negotiation 24 – Soft

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He woke slowly, finding himself warm, comfortable, well-rested.  There was a warm pressure on his chest and shoulder.  

Leander opened his eyes slowly.  There was a tumble of auburn curls on his chest.  Sylviane was snuggled against him, her eyes closed, her breathing even. 

This, this he could get used to.  

The moment he had the thought, he wanted to slap himself.  She was beautiful, sure. She was very nice. She also, more or less, owned him.  He’d be an idiot to get attached. Eventually,  she was going to get bored, and things were going to get difficult. He didn’t have the temperament to kowtow and keep her entertained.  Continue reading

Running in the Bear Empire 65: An Emperor Indeed

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Mesaruxenne and Aucheria, his two bath-attendants and two Claw guards, stared at Deline as if she had gone insane. 

No, she realized in half a heartbeat.  They were ready for trouble already, weapons all aimed at the door, and were staring at her as if they’d nearly just shot her.  Three people she didn’t know cowered off to one side; five people lay unconscious or dead off to the other side. 

She tapped Carrone’s crossbow and he lowered it; she sheathed her blade and bowed deeply.  She could barely see Carrone doing the same to her right.  

The part of her mind that assessed risk pointed out that she was exposing herself to a bunch of people with weapons, trained fighters and mages, and if Mesaruxenne  wanted her dead, she’d just offered up her neck.  Continue reading

Spoils of War 24: Plans

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He had plans.  Aran had plans to take down the Mountain.  She really had slept a while.

“Plans.  Right.” She looked at the tray and mopped up the last corner of a roll.  “Let’s – where do you have everything?”

“Office.  It’s this way.”  He looked guilty, again.  “Do you think you can-?”

“I’d better find out fast.”  She lifted the tray and offered it to him.  “Thank you for breakfast. And uh, who made the bread?”

“Donnal.  He’s with Ford.  He figured out the whole like, wild yeast?  I don’t know, anyway, it was some doing but we made it happen.”  He took the tray from her, shifted to hold it one-handed, and offered her his other hand.  Continue reading

It’s #WorldBuildingWednesday!

It’s #WorldBuildingWednesday!

Today I am soliciting questions on my Rural Fantasy ‘Verse, the Aunt Family, and if you like specifics, specifically on the magic in that world.


The Aunt Family is one of the themes available for my Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call, which is still running!   See here on Ko-fi, and see many stories posted this month here on Patreon.

Hidden Mall 92: I LIKE PEOPLE

In the end, they left with 10 people who weren’t (as far as they knew) from their home dimension, including ‘Via and a very cute Sandy who wanted to travel more – after she had a home base. 

“Do you wonder if our Vic and Sandy came through here?” Liv murmured to her.  “I mean, you know. If they followed us, if they’re around somewhere? This can’t be everyone-“

“Well, I guess we’ll find out,” Abseil murmured.  “Maybe. I mean, can you look at any of these people the same when we go back to school?”

“I mean, I’m going back to school with at least three people that look identical to me, so I don’t know.  Probably not,” Liv muttered. “I mean, everyone will be looking at us differently too, though.  Right?” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 23 – User’s Manual

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The problem was, Leander had no idea what Sylviane wanted, what she meant, or what she was thinking at any given moment.

That had been the case with almost everyone who had owned him, of course, but on the other hand, most of the other people who had owned him hadn’t wanted him to act like a person.  They certainly hadn’t cuddled him, with one notable, unpleasant, hopefully-forgettable exception.  Continue reading

Worldbuilding Wednesday: TIR Talk (Fairy Odd Powers)

So @Shutsumon started doing Worldbuilding Wednesday on Mastodon and that got me thinking and so then I started and…

well, here’s last week’s post. I’m going to try to post them a week after I toot (post on Mastodon) them.

Is anyone interested in these? They do not seem to be getting comments. 🎣


The mark of a royal[1] in Cali is generally considered to be threefold, with a fourth not widely acknowledged but no less real. Continue reading

Spoils of War 23: LongTail

First: Spoils of War I: Surrender


“You’ve been talking to the cat a lot in… in the last couple–?” Nikol repeated.  

Aran didn’t answer.  

She ate a little more food.  Her body did not want to move.  She lifted her arm and made herself scoop in the oatmeal.  “Kind of rich,” she added. 

“They had some uh, some fats.  Not as good as proper butter but it turns out they don’t go rancid.  So uh. It’s – coconut?”

“Okay, that’s a little weird.  But it tastes good.” Continue reading

Going to NY(C) – a belated blog post

How many of these did I write up and then forget to post?

Well, this one was written after the weekend of 10/11-10/13 of this year, so that’s the weekend I’m referring to. 


I went to NYC this weekend!

And I got sick.

I also got lost!

Okay, let’s start at the beginning.

I have been to NYC once before in my life, and that time, the marvelous B (from Brasilia) very nearly literally held my hand through the whole thing.

Yes, I grew up in upstate*/North Coast**/above-thruway NY State, but I grew up on my grandfather’s farm, in an area that I have to describe as outside of Churchville*** to be most accurate in location. Continue reading

Hidden Mall 91: Heading Home

Ahem.  This posted yesterday. Really.

The mall’s words echoed in Abseil’s head.

She made sure she had ‘her’ Livs next to her, checked again, and then asked, trying to keep her voice low but not trying to be sneaky, a line she had never been all that good at walking, “all right. It’s time; we can go home. What do you want to do?”

“Go home,” Liv answered promptly, and then, a moment later, “she said we could come back, yeah? I’m pretty sure that’s what she said. The mall,” she added,” gesturing upwards.

Abseil had been thinking of the mall as “it”, but, upon consideration, found that she liked “she.” “That’s the impression I got, too.”

“Then I want to go home. Back to — back to normalcy. I mean, as much as it can be.”

“Olly? ‘Via?” Continue reading