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Hidden Mall 85: Please Keep All Arms and Legs Inside the Store

They slid inside Burlington more than stepping inside, skidding through the security plinths.  Abseil stumbled and fell into a pile of coats. Laughing, laughing, even though there were people with guns somewhere behind them, Abseil managed to right herself. She gathered up a LIv’s hand and looked at her face – Olly.  She looked around — she didn’t remember there being that many people with them, but there were suddenly a lot more people here than she’d thought she had. 

“Shop.”  She gestured around. “I’ll cover it, just go look for a shirt or pants or anything you want.”  She looked again. “Did we get a Kevin somehow? Hi, Kevin.”

“Hi.” He ducked his head.  “She’s not all that good at – you’re not all that good at – anyway, I picked the locks.” Continue reading

Landing Page: Fairy Town

There’s something about the city, something about its old roads and its older churches. Something about its people, its goblins and its fairies. Something in the water, maybe.

There’s something that leeches magic into the world, something that makes even the most banal events a little more special – sometimes a little more creepy.

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Best places to begin:
The Fairy Road  or
Re-Blessing the Church