Writing Retreat Prompt Call

Tomorrow, I will be Writing!

I’ll be working on getting some buffer on all of my current things, but I’ll also be taking prompts.

The first theme for tomorrow will be:

Mystical powers, Magic, and Enchantment

Our Second theme is

Travel, trips, journeys

Our Third Theme is

Gardens, planting, and growing 

(prompts will probably be written tomorrow but hey!)

Feel free to leave a prompt~~

(or a dozen)

Want More of anything I write today?

While I am never going to say no to donations, comissions, or tips (this current mess hasn’t done a lot to improve the financial situation of House Thorne, and it’s Renovation Season again), I understand that this is a hard time for pretty much everyone in the world.

So this prompt call is about getting eyes on my pages.

Tell people about this call! For every new person who prompts or comments on my Ko-Fi, Patreon, or lynthornealder.com posts, and tells me who sent them and that they’re new, both the person who referred them and the new commenter will get an additional 250 words written to the prompt call story of their choice.

Spread the word! Money is nice but I live on comments., too!

The Stories:



7 thoughts on “Writing Retreat Prompt Call

  1. Hmm!

    Dragons Next Door, any active thread, or another one of the Aud-on-the-case shorts.
    Aunt Family, any active thread, especially with Beryl, Stone, or Radar. (I owe history lookups here, something Aunt Mary related, must dig.)
    An indistinguishable-from-magic story in SCIENCE!, like Impossible Projects: http://www.lynthornealder.com/2015/01/08/impossible-projects/
    Fairy Town, Whitney or Katydid or the kirkevaren
    Desmond’s Climb (IIRC you were thinking you wanted to back up a little on that one?)
    Kael’s Tower

  2. A British child, stuck quarantined with only their back garden to investigate is surprised when a tiny airship, piloted by a crew of 5 little pixies, crashes through the washline and thuds into the turf.

    • Pictsies, perhaps? Though giving the Nac Mac Feegle an airship seems like begging for even more trouble than usual.

  3. Travel&Trips

    – Seconding Esme’s request for Autumn.
    – Aunt Family: Aunt Pearl after Tragedy (http://www.lynthornealder.com/2016/10/05/ladies-bingo-tragedy-aunt-pearl/), or Deborah learning about Aunt Pearl. Or one of the current or previous generation of nieces & nephews visiting or leaving for college?
    – Fairy Town: a new place in the park (more or less)
    – Things Unspoken: Edora and Rodegard in transit, perhaps with a stop? Or more on the Eshadra. Or Eliška, who may or may not travel again. Or another job of Hideria’s.
    – The Portal Closed (more please!)

  4. Renovations to the basement reveal a tunnel that isn’t on any map. Exploration ensues.

    Someone Zoom-bombs a videoconference from an unassigned IP address, showing a background that looks entirely real while being fully implausible.

    Climbing Yggdrasil.

  5. Gardens, planting, growing

    Something you want to grow in your garden.
    Eva’s greenhouse.
    Aud’s herb garden.
    The Unburnt Ash.

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