Archive | June 11, 2020

Popcorn and … Chill?

Once again I asked for prompts on the FediVerse; this one is from

Content warning: intoxication.


“I’m just saying, I’m just saying.  I’m just saying.”

Effie stared at her hand for a moment before aiming an accusatory glance at Will.  “What – what did you put in my drink?”

Will put up both hands.  “I swear, I swear, it was just what you asked for.  It’s a jack and coke with a big twist of cherry syrup, that’s it.  Same thing I made for you three weeks ago.”

On the other couch, Selene and Drick were giggling, not a look that was all that good on Drick.  “It’s not the drink.  It’s not, because I’m drinking straight tonic from the bottle.” Selene held up her bottle. “And it’s thus not Will.” Continue reading