Popcorn and … Chill?

Once again I asked for prompts on the FediVerse; this one is from @Teryl_Pacieco@mastodon.social

Content warning: intoxication.


“I’m just saying, I’m just saying.  I’m just saying.”

Effie stared at her hand for a moment before aiming an accusatory glance at Will.  “What – what did you put in my drink?”

Will put up both hands.  “I swear, I swear, it was just what you asked for.  It’s a jack and coke with a big twist of cherry syrup, that’s it.  Same thing I made for you three weeks ago.”

On the other couch, Selene and Drick were giggling, not a look that was all that good on Drick.  “It’s not the drink.  It’s not, because I’m drinking straight tonic from the bottle.” Selene held up her bottle. “And it’s thus not Will.”

“I mean, I’m drinking a margarita,” Drick put in, “and it’s my fourth, so I’m – ah, heh, I’m no help.  Everything is pretty rainbows over here, which I think is new, but it’s the tequila your friend Felicity brought over, so -”


Effie leaned forward until she was almost off her seat to stare at Drick.  “Wait, say that again.”

“It’s the tequila your friend Felicity brought over? They’ve got the rainbow hair and the really awesome contacts to match, and-”


It wasn’t a question; it was a demand.  All the giggles were gone from Effie’s voice.

Which meant none of the other three pointed out that she was floating two feet off the floor, no longer supported by the couch.

(Drick figured it was probably the tequila.)

“It was. Uh.  The day after the day with the thunder, the day before the day with the sun.”

“Thunder…. oh.  So Tuesday.  Felicity was, was here.  Felicity came here.”

“Well, yeah.  They brought you a gift basket, but then when they found out Selena and me live here too, then they were like, here, have a basket, you deserve it.”

Effie snorted.

“That sounds like Feliity.  Where – where did you put this gift basket?

“Uh, on the counter, that’s all.  I didn’t like-”  Drick flailed with both hands, indicating something that might have meant abscond with it or something else.

“Oh.”  Selena turned a bit strange-colored. “Oh, I just put that stuff away . I’m sorry, Effie.  I didn’t realize it was from a friend.”

“It wasn’t.”  Effie scooped up a handful of kernels from the bottom of the mostly-finished giant batch of popcorn.  “So… what did you say you put on this popcorn?”

Selena – who was now also floating off the couch – shrugged and looked at Drick.  Drick shrugged and looked at Will.

Will lifted his hands up again.  “The grated parm in that cute shaker jar.  It had a ribbon on it, but it looked like parm, it tasted like Parmesan…”

“It’s pixie dust.”  Effie sighed, finally noticing she was levitating in the middle of the room.  She smiled, wryly, at her friends.  “I suppose that it’s time I told you guys about my fairy godperson.”




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