Blog Post: Projects and Productivity (Telecommute Month 5??!)

It might be weird, but I love the days at work where I have a project that really takes up the whole day and all of my brainspace.  I love when I can dive in and really focus and, what’s more, feel productive.

Copyediting the Journal is almost like that.

At my last job, sometimes I would get an assignment of Build A Spreadsheet/Workbook That Does (something really we should have independent software for).  That, that was pretty damn awesome.

In between, well.

Sometimes I end up, it’s like in a class that’s too easy? Anyone have that in high school/elementary (primary school/secondary school) or university?  Where the class was just Too Easy so you end up pulling a bad grade?

Yeah, sometimes it’s like that for me.  Like, I want to blow it away but it’s just “but there’s seven tasks and all of them are boring and there are MORE INTERESTING THINGS I COULD BE DOING.”

Or maybe there’s nothing more interesting to be doing but I find a way to distract myself and suddenly I’m coming up with Minecraft banners for different rail lines or drawing complicated floor plans for things like what my Discord Server “looks like” and…

oops there goes another task.

I have one improving-this-thing and one deproving-this thing in the last year on that mark.  The improving is ADHD meds, which I think we have more or less sorted to a good script.  I have more functional brain time with these, which is a great feeling when you notice it’s going on.

The degrading it, however, is working from home, which is a bummer, because I really want to like working from home.  No commute! Don’t need fancy clothes!  Or at least, not below sternum level.  Eat at home all the time!

So many things here to distract one, though…

I am not, not not good at building routines.  I’d say it’s one of my major flaws but then I’d be like “but there’s also blah and then there’s blah and then I’d be depressed and that wouldn’t be all that good.

When I can manage to remember to lay out a bujo (BUllet JOurnal) with daily tasks for a week, it does help.  Then I’m like “I need to check off these dailies today, go.”

(doesn’t work on a computer program, even a gamification one. I’ve tried.  It’s one more thing to remember to click, more or less.)

Ahem.  This is mostly me thinking about Wanting a Project.

(For work, that is).

I may just have to create myself one.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a good time and finding ways to enjoy themselves in this Strange New World.

And, if the mood allows, to be productive.

(And I will try to get back to regular story posting sometime soon.  Hopefully next week!)

P.S. I had a dream it was November and I’d totally missed taking a Fall Semester class and the weirdest part of all of it? It didn’t even seem that unbelievable. Time no longer has any meaning 😀

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