Originally posted on Patreon in October 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.
A story of Tír na Cali and gardening. Warning: this turned out a bit creepy.


“Nobody would ever know we were twins.”

Savannah was strolling through her sister Sierra’s gardens, noting the carefully-pruned topiary and the softly-singing fountains. ¬†It was a beautiful garden, she had to admit. ¬†Everything was exactly in its place.

“Sav, we’re twins. ¬†Nobody would ever doubt that. ¬†They only need to look at us.” ¬†Sierra, as was often the case, huffed at her sister’s melodramatics and ignored (as was also often the case) the fact that they looked quite similar to 9/10 of their relatives and a large handful of slaves.

“But look at -” Savannah gestured around. ¬†“Your garden. ¬†Your yard. ¬†You saw my yard last week.”

“What’s gotten into you?” Sierra narrowed her eyes at her twin. ¬†“We see each other’s gardens every other week. ¬†And yours gives fruit and berries and nuts and vegetables and, occasionally, rabbit meat. ¬†And mine -”

“Is beautiful. And-”

She paused, because her favorite slave was bowing in the precise way he had when he wanted to say something. ¬†“yes?”

“And are they not, mistress, Lady Sierra, simply a different face of the same coin? ¬†They show care and concern in the land around you, in the plants and the water flowing.”

“The kid – sorry, can I?”

Sierra’s slave shifted a little. ¬†He was a head taller than Savannah’s ginger-haired beauty, his shirtlessness showing off his muscles but also three dirt streaks and a scrape where a rose bush had gotten handsy with him.

She gestured him to continue.

“-ma’am, Lady Savannah, the kid has a point. ¬†You both like getting your hands dirty.” ¬†He gestured at the smear of dirt on his chest. ¬†“and you like making the land around you – ah. ¬†Bend to your will. ¬†Like the kid and me.” ¬†He grinned, mostly for the kid (who was thinking to himself that he was probably at least as old as this rude giant), but a little for his mistress, who liked some things a little less perfectly sculpted. ¬†“Like your trees. ¬†We both grow where we’re planted and we both like fertilizer and sunlight. ¬†You’re just pruning us for different end purposes.”

Both twins were silent for a moment at that, and then Savannah quietly fed her well-behaved (well-pruned?) slave a grape.

“I suppose,” Sierra chuckled, “we’re pretty similar after all, sis?”

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