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A Landing Page of Micro- and Tootfic

I love posting tiny fics on Mastodon on occasion (see the tootplanets for one series there), but Mastodon, like Twitter, is inherently a bit ephemeral.

I’m going to begin with an archive of all the tootfics I’ve posted that I can find (mostly from the Read Me Elsewhere posts) and attempt to update this as I go.

Microfiction is very small fiction, designed to be a whole tale (hopefully), in a small package.  50-word fics, drabbles (100-word fics), 6-word fics (See the Hemmingway example) – these are subsets of microfiction.  So are tootfiction – fics designed to fit in a toot (The Mastodon version of a tweet) or, in common usage, several toots.  Tweetfic is harder (less characters, although 280 is better than 140 for this) but is the same concept.

Here’s someone else’s definition:

As Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Which translated into modern language means, “Everyone should write and read microfiction.”

What is Microfiction?

It’s a subset of flash fiction—those super short stories typically told in 1,000 words or less. Definitions vary, but for the most part, microfiction is any story told in 300 words or less, and could even be as short as a few words. (At Microfiction Monday Magazine, I use the limit of 100 words.)

Mastodon is free to join, by the way, and ad-free; you can read any of the below fic, however, just by clicking through – you don’t need to have an account!

Here’s My Microfiction

Fantasy (including Urban Fantasy)

By A Nose
Souls and Hearts
A Wish
Side Effects (warning: creepy)
The Come and Gone King (a reply)
The Hall of the Lost (a reply)
Because Of…
Cat Song

Natha/en (fae apoc)
Bi Kisses (more Natha/en)
Rooftop – Jasper and the House converse. (Haunted House)
Once Upon a Time comes to Fae Apoc – darkfic crossover Fanfiction
Cats who Saw – Aunt Family
100 Years – Fairy City, CrossRoads Park
Test Subjects – (Bear Empire, Cyber Era) the Potioneer is working on it

Ficlet with a portion of a map sketch, Autumn, Stranded

note: this section is currently broken links. I need to repost all of these.  Sorry for the inconvenience

Stranded Caturdays

Untitled Cat Game – cats can’t see Strands….
Neighborhood Cat

The Pirates and Podka

Orange Sunset Parlay – The Imperial Captain wants to talk to Yonpler.
Silver Rain – on Podka, it was said to rain silver.
Blue Foraging – the Captain and Yonpler are going to have to work together.
Teal Calculations – Sometimes you have to take a leap. Sometimes you can calculate the risks.

Potions and the Apocalypse

Substitutions – Needs must, after all

Nananana – Magical creatures…
Patience – Waiting for the Magic

Caturday – during the apoc, magic cats
A New Way – Just at the beginning of the apoc, potions
Walking – same world, different feel, characters, good cat
The Wilds – they weren’t safe…
Witch’s Cottage – filled with critters

Reinventing the Wheel – not sure if this is Fantasy or Sci-Fi so it’s Fantify?


many of these are now broken links. It is on my list to move all possible to this blog eventually. 

Cure the Cure
Tootplanet Resumes 
Bird Brains
Time Travel is Impossible


Don’t Approach


Cake Walk, weird.
Push the Button (if there’s an image on these, read the image alt)
Ass Hat

Tootfiction Already Posted on this Blog

Various Blog-posted Microfiction

100-Word Fics

I went through a phase where I was on 100- and 50-word fic community on Livejournal, back when that was a thing. 

50-word Fics

Try the password “suddenly!” for pre-2007 posts.  

General Microfiction

    Kink Bingo prompts 

    a story over many micro-intervals,to a kink-bingo prompt set


      Three 50-Word Fics on Marriage #microfiction #weblit

      “Honey, I’m home.”

      She shucked coat, mittens, and boots in the entryway and chased him down for a hug, snow still melting in her hair. She nuzzled her frozen nose against his armpit with a happy sound: “You’re warm,” she explained, muffled by his shirt.

      “Gee, thanks,” he smiled, unperturbed.


      She pushed back against him urgently, hungrily, as he rested his hand on the base of her spine, and shoved her face into the pillow to better muffle her pleasured screams.

      After sixteen years, the sex was still hella hot, but the neighbors were not so hot on the noise.


      She didn’t realize she was slipping until she was halfway in the October-cold creek and scrabbling with no purchase, didn’t realize that she hadn’t caught herself until she was almost out again, hauled up by the handle on her backpack by her quick and vigilant spouse.

      “My hero,” she shivered.

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      Mythic Thursday 50-word Fic #weblit

      He hadn’t expected the hooves; the searing, bone-breaking pain of toes, heel, and arch bending themselves all into hard, cloven, three-toed lumps. Next to the crippling agony of the feet, the horns curling out of his skull were nothing.

      He’d asked to be a god. He hadn’t specified which one.

      Drake-athon! – Feb. 19th & 20th 2011

      50-Word-Story: Damnit #weblit

      The fountain was broken.

      It was the final insult for Derek Tanner, as he flopped, parched and exhausted, on the cracked tile.

      He had crossed the trackless dessert to find the lost city and ransack it for its treasures, and he would die here, for want of a crescent wrench.