The Pencatte Catacombs, a Fediverse CYOA

Pencatte-acombsI am doing a Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure one post/day from now through the end of the story/Halloween/as I feel it!

I am only doing this on the Fediverse – Mastodon, etc. – but it’s easy to get an account.

My suggestions: – If you want an invite code, ask me; I have lots.  This is the instance I’m posting this story from. – an open-registration site that seems pretty friendly.  I have an account there as my backup. 

If you want the lowest-effort account just to take part in this Choose The Adventure, I suggest

I don’t suggest the “flagship”; they’re having issues lately. is very nice; I can get you in touch with their mod.

Ditto – it’s got a lot of really nice people!

I’ve heard good things about

A longer thread on good instances –

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