Mythic Thursday 50-word Fic #weblit

He hadn’t expected the hooves; the searing, bone-breaking pain of toes, heel, and arch bending themselves all into hard, cloven, three-toed lumps. Next to the crippling agony of the feet, the horns curling out of his skull were nothing.

He’d asked to be a god. He hadn’t specified which one.

Drake-athon! – Feb. 19th & 20th 2011

15 thoughts on “Mythic Thursday 50-word Fic #weblit

  1. Yay, Mythic Thursdays return!!! Ow. Yes, thinking ahead is a good thing. Ow, ow, ow, hooves! That said, I may have to try to figure out hooves if this Satyr-esque costume works out. Must make the wig, see how it looks with the horns, and figure out what she should wear. She keeps jumping around in clothing styles.

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