Doomsday – Picking

OKay, so far I have five intros:

The Birds, the Birds
Chaos & Madness
I’ll Take This One
Pick a Card
Leaving Home

Still taking character trait prompts Here.

I also have Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin the Samurai Catboy. (Sianna’s intro here).

2 and three might be the same character, in which case I still need one more. 4 is a boy, and also the trickster good with magic. 5 is probably dark-skinned and either blonde or blue-eyed.

I have these suggestions still:

Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad. – that is not 5 but could be 1-4
a purebred Mara Change. (those 2 @inventrix) (that could be almost any of them – later)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I need to put them all together.

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