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Reusing, Upcycling, out of ideas

So I freecycled 2 short (3′?) particleboard shelving units, thinking I could make a kitten tower from them, but they’re not going to work for that.

They neither match each other nor anything else in the house, not even my other particalboard shelving. And I’d like to do something towards having matching stuff, not the other direction.

Other than repainting them, does anyone have an idea for upcycling these shelves?

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Food Waste and recycled furniture – what I did on my weekend

Today, I spent several hours or so sanding down my old dresser – and by old, I mean I’m pretty sure my Mom got it at a garage sale when I was 6 or so, so it’s been in our family for 30 years, more if I’m right about the garage sale.

This thing is stained – was stained – an orangy red color, and, well, it had been a child’s dresser. Possibly two or three children’s dresser. It is beat to shit. One of the legs is broken. I have been carrying it in move after move since I moved out of my parents’ house at 20. It’s well-used.

But it’s solid wood, it’s a good size for us, and the frame is still intact. So I picked up 4 new (taller) legs at the ReUse center (you should totally see if your area has something similar!) – also stained an ugly orangish red – and got to work with the palm sander.

I’ve gotten the drawer fronts (5), the top, half the front, and one side sanded down – it’s turned out to be a lovely poplar with a very green grain. My plan is to pain the carcass and drawer fronts (the same white as the bedroom walls), stain the top to match what we’re doing with the closet doors, stain the legs to match, and buy nifty knobs.

Truth be told, I’m doing all this for the knobs.
Wow, that was a lot of text for “I’m sanding down a dresser,” sorry.

While looking for tips on refinishing furnishing, I found “The Frugal Girl” and, specifically, her Food Waste Friday segment, in which she blogs about, yes, food waste. I find it interesting, and I’m glad to see someone else thinks of it.

T. & I have learned to minimize food waste by using the freezer a lot and not buying veggies we don’t have a plan for – we buy a lot of canned food. How do you avoid throwing food out?

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This blog has motivated me, and I am going to, sometime probably-this-winter, redo our old dresser (a hand-me-down from when I was a kid.)

It needs new feets, need knobs (doesn’t NEED those) and, I think, a two-tone effect to go with the bedroom-that-will-be.

My big issue: right now there is a bookshelf atop it. This shelf was made by Fatherman and I, but it needs to be re-re-done at this point into something more fitting. I’m thinking re-building it, with a back, into a basic bookcase the same size as the top of the dresser…

…then painting everything offwhite with darkbrown trim.

Yes, because gutting a house wasn’t a big enough project.

Fun link for bonus – http://www.slashgear.com/cave-the-bookcase-with-built-in-seat-094690/ A “cave” bookcase with built in seat!

And some really funky bookcases (some, clearly, for people who do not have books the way we have books).

dresser & shelf


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