This blog has motivated me, and I am going to, sometime probably-this-winter, redo our old dresser (a hand-me-down from when I was a kid.)

It needs new feets, need knobs (doesn’t NEED those) and, I think, a two-tone effect to go with the bedroom-that-will-be.

My big issue: right now there is a bookshelf atop it. This shelf was made by Fatherman and I, but it needs to be re-re-done at this point into something more fitting. I’m thinking re-building it, with a back, into a basic bookcase the same size as the top of the dresser…

…then painting everything offwhite with darkbrown trim.

Yes, because gutting a house wasn’t a big enough project.

Fun link for bonus – A “cave” bookcase with built in seat!

And some really funky bookcases (some, clearly, for people who do not have books the way we have books).

dresser & shelf


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3 thoughts on “Redo/furniture/question

  1. Neat project! I am not fond of the crazy modern bookcases. They hold less than a normal bookcase for one. And that’s really my priority!

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