Hottest Days of summer pic for the nastiest days of winter

Hottest Days of summer pic for the nastiest days of winter

Sam’s Point Nature Preserve, near Ellentown NY; that’s me & our friends abjuk & E.Mc in the photo, taken by T. (the Sam of the Point was an ancestor of Abjuk’s)

This was one of the hottest days I can remember this past summer; we (Abjuk, E.Mc, T., and I) did a craft fest in Rhinbeck and then hiked this – the ice caves were absolutely wonderful after the heat.

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  1. Wonderful sunset! And on a day like today, I need it. We got out at 4:30 instead of 5:00, with heavy wet snow to the top of my boots around my car, and drifted higher once I got the snow off. We are definitely in the 8-12 inch range. Thank you!

      1. I hid inside all day and only did it the once. Such a messy day. I hope we don’t also get your snow tomorrow. I am hoping to get to a bean supper in my hometown.

          1. I was lucky in that it had barely started to snow when I left for work. It had not even started to stick to things, like cars. Thus I could stay in the building and only clean off the car when it was time to leave. Thick, heavy stuff. Makes car-cleaning no fun.

          2. Aaah. See, when I left for work, there were already 5″ of snow on the car. And yeah. I used a broom to sweep off before I left work.

          3. Ugh, those days are the most annoying. Also, just got another glimpse of the pic – your hair was long then – must be much longer now. Has it hit the really annoying phase? I know your favorite quick updo with a bird-beak clip doesn’t work as well with longer hair.

          4. I jus got it cut on Wednesday! (and I lost my favorite clips all over again and can’t find a good replacement, sadface). It’s back to about 1n inch and a half above the bra strap

          5. *nods* I was not sure you were growing it out for the wedding – if so it would be LONG! And I am always so annoyed at hair-stuff makers. They change things every couple of years and it sucks. Sometimes I buy multiples of things I like.

          6. I’m just Not Chopping it for the wedding. It gets really ratty if I don’t get it cut, and I don’t have the patience you do to trim the ends individually. If I find the ones I like again, Ill buy three of each!

          7. *grins and wishes you luck on hunting up the three of the clips that you must have somewhere* Oiling can also help with ends, if they get dry. If it is just splits, then trimming in some fashion has to happen. But the Big Chop will fix that!

          8. I spent most of the summer in pigtails, which cemented my desire to chop it all off. 🙂 PS do you have time to proof a couple bonus stories today?

          9. I use buns – it keeps all of it off my neck. And yes, so long as they get to me in the next hour. I need to scrape off my car again, buy a book, and head to my parents’ place for the bean supper.

          10. Mine doesn’t bun easily, although the lady at the hair stix place made it work. Sending as soon as I hit Send.

          11. Goody Spin Pins make buns work on just about any hair type. Because of the spring/coil shape, they hold hair like nothing else. Hair sticks are cool too, but as my hair gets longer I either need more of them or longer ones…

          12. Oh no, you can! Pretty ones make nice decoration, even if the bun is actually held up with Spin Pins. I have a glass frog for arranging them in. You can google image search “glass floral frog” to see what I mean, as while it is green it does not look like an amphibian.

          13. Ah, I know what a floral frog (ribbit) is. 🙂 I bought them at the weblit meetup, actually, and they have been worn, once, during the meetup.

          14. And then did not work out after that? Well darn. Someday I plan to drop the $60 or more that it will take to have my hair braided at the Ren Faire. Probably not this year.

          15. Well, I bought them with you in mind, but the lady wanted to put my hair up… I do not have the patience for the work it takes at 6:30 in the morning.

          16. Ooh, you’re a longhair too? I have my hair in a bun 90% of the time. I love braids, but I’m currently growing out front layers (sort of bang-ish pieces, they are taking forever) and they won’t stay in a braid… I have these awesome sort of twisty hair sticks from the MD Renaissance Festival. I think I have four pairs now–I buy one every year. They hold up my hair so well. I wonder what I was doing with straight hair sticks all those years. Though most days I just grab it all with a claw clip because that’s quicker and gets in the way less…

          17. Oh yes, I am even in longhair although I mostly lurk and have not made a picture post in ages. My hair has never had layers (good luck growing them out!) and is currently past mid-thigh and headed for my knees. I have something similar, but shorter, I think… I really love my Goody Spin Pins (they can be seen here on the Goody site but click away fast of the annoying video gets going). I figured I would try them out, since at $8 a pair they are less than the similar pieces I’ve seen at Ren Fairs. I’m now a convert! Although I can hold a bun with hair sticks four spin pins distribute the tension of my bun better. I’m thinking of ordering from this lady on Etsy come the summer, as I sadly do not live near a Ren Faire. I have very few pics of the hair… but this one shows the braid this past Halloween. It is a bit longer now (I remember when my hair was that long).

          18. Ooh, really really long! 😀 Mine is just reaching classic. I’m delighted. I’ve seen things like those sold as hair scroos. Someone… oh, dear, I can picture her hair but not remember her username XD from used to sell them–they might have been bigger ones. I’m not sure I trust them. The ones I have are wooden sticks, but with sort of a spiral curved around them? I can’t find anything similar online and I don’t know how to describe them! But I like hair sticks because you can sort of weave them through the hair.

          19. Hey, there is the icon I remember from the LJ longhair community! *waves* Fancy meeting you here. LJ is a small place sometimes. Classic is a fun length. I’ve found that some of the buns I used to love to do (figure-8s and loose knots with a stick through) are just not doable with longer hair, either because of the weight/tension or because I look like there is some sort of bizarre alien nest on my head. Those sound like really neat sticks! I wonder if the Ren Faire vendor has a website – some people are a bit old-fashioned about that… Textures sticks would hold better, I think. I have a couple with a lovely curve in them, and they do grip better.

          20. Really?! XD I haven’t been a member of that community in years! I really need to get back into doing a variety of buns. I’ve just been doing cinnabuns and I don’t think having the same style day in and day out is good for my hair (though I am starting to practice twisting in the opposite direction). Oh, I found them! I couldn’t remember what they were called but I found them on the RennFest’s website. Here’s the page with the best picture of the sticks:

          21. Huh, then someone else reasonably active is using that icon… Oh, those are neat! I think I have a thing that is supposed to be a shawl pin that has that sort of shape. I must try it out (it is shorter than most hairsticks). I wear a cinnamon bun every day to work, with four spin pins holding it up. It works well for me, and distributed the weight/tension well.

          22. I wouldn’t be all that surprised–it’s a Waterhouse painting. Though it does seem an odd choice of Waterhouses for someone whose name isn’t Clare, since Waterhouse has so many paintings of long-haired ladies where their hair is loose.

    1. I did say it was Abjuk and me & you… you’re in the pic, just sort of hidden behind me unless you click to enbiggen it. 😀

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