Patreon Theme Poll Closed and has a Winner!

I realized when I was looking at the poll last night that I would love to have one more voter (Without having to poke the people in my Discord to break a 7-way tie) each month – so if you remember next month, please do boost the signal 😀

What should the January '21 Patreon theme be? Winning Answer Escape (motif) with 6 votes Next up Stranded World  Ice (motif)	  Trapped (motif), 5 votes each

Magic Effects pulled into the lead early, and I thought for a while it was going to win, but it stalled out with four votes.  Then Stranded World jumped to five votes (when I was trying to break a tie and ended up with a 7-way tie for a few minutes – below) and then – well, I went to bed with 13 votes and a 4-way tie and woke up with “Escape” winning.

a Giant Tie before a winner emerged


2 thoughts on “Patreon Theme Poll Closed and has a Winner!

  1. Perhaps when there’s a tie you could roll dice or something?
    <selfish>Then Things Unspoken might win occasionally.</selfish>

    • When there’s a tie at the end, I usually just choose the one that suits me the best.

      But on the other hand, I like having more votes. So.

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