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Seek And…?

Seek And...

From yesterday through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

Back in 2011, I wrote this part of a story I called Blizzarded.  http://www.lynthornealder.com/2011/05/16/meeting-a-furtherfurtherfurtherfurtherfurtheretccontinuation/ (Despite saying “continuation,” for some reason every time I wrote more on that story, I reposted the whole thing and added the new bit at the end…)

This is fishing for answers in that world.   Short version:


Sandy got lost in a blizzard. Now there is a gnome talking to her and the train requires technology instead of tickets.



“If you have no tech-a-nie,” the gnome began – or, at least, it was a thing and it had suggested it was a gnome and it was talking to Sandy, it had a tiny red hat and it was definitely, while more or less humanoid, short enough without the hat that it came to about mid-calf on Sandy. “-Then seeking you must go. And if you can na’ seeking, then Sla Bless You.”

Sandy stared at the thing, then looked at the train, then stared back at the thing. Gnome. She ought to call it by its proper name, she thought. It was probably rude to go around thinking of talking beings a things. Continue reading