Summertime Prompt Call: Gone Fishin’

The theme for this prompt call is: Gone Fishin’/Fish Story!

The idea: you prompt, as many prompts as you want, as long as they are related to the theme

I write at least one story or vignette or beginning of a story to at least one of your prompts.

(optional step: you say “Lynnnnnn! Cliffffhanggger!  What happens next?”)

Ideal step: you comment on the fictions I have written, possibly also boosting the signal on social media.

I continue until morale improves, or until my writing vacation is over, or until I lose power and am reduced to writing on my phone.

Everyone is welcome to prompt, and prompting is free!

If you are a new reader/prompter, please let me know, and please let me know also from whence you came. 

Prompt on!


One note: Prompts of a sort I like are somewhere in the middle: not a complete scenario and not just one-three words.  “Ice Fishing”: too broad.  “Three people go ice fishing on a day the ice is about to thaw.  One of them falls through because of the actions of the other two.  What happens next?” is a little too specific. 


See here – – to see how to get more words. 

19 thoughts on “Summertime Prompt Call: Gone Fishin’

  1. habit of a couple of my readers
    Oh call me out why don’t you. 😛

    Things Unspoken needs more fishing stories. Something in Scheffenon or somewhere else on the Northern Sea. I would not complain about more of but don’t know if that’d actually be a fishing story as such.

    SCIENCE! Fishing with one of the giant ferrets? Jess the quick-thinking security guard take some time off to go fishing and somehow gets talked into taking some of the interns with her? ( Fish with which to invade Jason’s rose-defended island. So many possible options!

    Aunt Family. Beryl and [character(s) of your choice] go fishing. Stone? Jake? Radar and Lam? Bellamy? Georgia? (

    Dragons Next Door. Sage and Jin. Jin and Junie. Jin and Jimmy. The Smiths.

    • Does it have to be literal fishing, water and some plausible possibility of fish and all that, or can it be metaphorical fishing? 🙂

      • A blatant lie. <invokes the “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it” selection meme>

        Metaphorical fishing!

        Genique fishes for clues on why she wound up with a husband-for-a-year rather than just a bigger bed.

        Lina & company fishing for information on the power plant. (Or nearly anything else, really, given how little background on anything Organization-related she has.)

        Aud and/or Sage (do they ever work together?) on a case fishing for clues. Or trying to put together the story of the latest escapade their children have gotten into. Or the Smiths gently attemptly to extract more backstory from Aud and

        “Go fish”.

        The unnamed non-human of Team D ( fishing for a little luck. Or being hooked into something that’s a much better idea than kidnapping. Possibly by Sage, or Jin. (I … have a harder time imagining Aud forgiving him, but maybe?)

        Crossroads Park. Fishing off a little ornamental bridge that has no water under it. Fishing something, or someone, out of one of the fountains. Whitney takes a little time off from gardening — gone fishing — and one of the felines investigates.

        Katydid fishing for pieces of paper to move through the bureaucracy.

        A mobile of origami fish.

    • Ooh, I was thinking of “fishing for chickens” in the SCIENCE! universe.

      I’ll second the request for a DND fishing story. Maybe Fishing For Tinies, either way you could read that? (An obsession with the DND tinies? No idea why anyone would think that :})

      Ooh, sometime not too long after the defeat of the Bitrani a Calleni and Bitrani soldier encounter each other when they’re both fishing.

      Do Cali-cats enjoy fishing or would they prefer to nap in the sun while someone else obtains fish for them?

      A class at Doomsday Academy covering fishing? Not, “Today’s survival lesson is how to fish,” but an actual class on fishing. Even better if it’s, “the important part is the sitting by the stream fishing, not actually catching a fish,” style fishing.

      I kind of want to suggest someone trying to fish from a fountain in the Hidden Mall but that seems a particularly dangerous thing to do.

      Going fishing with strands in the Stranded ‘verse. What might someone reel in?

  2. Fishing makes me think of Things Unspoken and the city with the ocean themed fountains and stuff and the ominous. Like fishing was a … bad idea there.

    Less scary – Dragons Next Door. Do Dragons like seafood? How do they fish?

  3. Yup, my first thought was Things Unspoken, and stuff that might turn up in fishing boats in various harbors.

    My next thought was “what sort of fish do you get when you go fission near the insufficiently isolated outflow from the nuclear power plant?”

  4. Prompts:

    *Someone’s* perfect, secret fishing spot

    The road trip to the annual fishing trip!

    The other fishermen.

  5. Walking along the beach, Joe came upon a snare of fishing line wrapped into the branches of a bleached, storm-tossed branch. He didn’t know why, but he brushed away some of the dried seaweed remains and gave the line a tug.

    To his surprise, one strand of the the tangled line pulled free from the sand to his right, almost in a straight line.

    A second tug lead ten steps away…

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