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Purchase Negotiation 18 – Testosterone Stuff

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They sat there for a moment.  Leander was trying to come up with something to say that wasn’t sir, you’re weird, and that terrifies me, and Mr. MacDiarmid seemed to be trying to come up with anything at all to say on his end. 

It was like that, sitting on the floor, one of Mr. MacDiarmad’s hands on Leander’s and the other on his shoulder, that Sylviane found them. 

Leander tensed.  He didn’t— But — how was he going to explain—   Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 17: Unicorn

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If this was supposed to be making him feel better, Leander mused dryly, it was doing a lousy job.  He was feeling differently, sure, but mostly he was feeling confused.  His owner — there were other words for it, but Leander didn’t use Master even in his own head if he could avoid it and Keeper was the sort of word people used who though Fae was its own society instead of just leeched on to humanity.  — His owner was making fun of himself, inviting Leander to do the same, and telling him it’s okay to have negative opinions about himself

Leander twitched and tried not to think about hos this could go sideways, but his lips did something, he was sure, something like yeah, right. Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 16: Broken

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“Well.” Mr. MacDiarmad considered Leander.  Leander, in turn, fought with panic. He was not getting sent back to that place.  He wasn’t! He’d… fuck, he’d grovel if he had to. 

“I see my daughter was right.”

It took Leander a moment to process the words — and the rueful tone. “I’m not broken. Sir.”

“No. No, I don’t think you are. But I do think that I might be screwing up… first things first. Leander, do not injure my daughter during sexual situations — with the one caveat to all of your orders that you may slap her and-or bruise her in removing her if she tries to push anything on you that you don’t want. All right?”

Leander felt tension leaving his shoulders. “Thank you, sir.” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 15: Orders

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Mr. MacDiarmad raised his eyebrows at Leander.  “Is there a problem?”

He shifted, setting his weight on his heels and doing his damnedest to meet his owner’s eyes.  “No, sir. No problem.”

“Sylviane?  You agreed that you’d take on a bodyguard.  So what’s the problem?”

“The problem isn’t him, Daddy.  It’s you. You! I’ll take a bodyguard, fine.  If you insist that having him under your Name is the only way for you to be sure that he’ll do his job fine.  Have him Belong to you. The problem is that you shoved him on me without taking to him. You know better.  You ought to, at least. He’s on edge, he’s uncomfortable, and he looks like he’s waiting for the rug to be yanked out from under him at any moment.”

“I’m not…” Leander fell silent as she kicked him in the calf. Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation Fourteen – Owned

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Leander felt a sudden surge of panic and a twist in his gut.  Fuck, he thought this had been going –

well, ridiculously too well.  He wasn’t the sort of guy you bought for this, let’s be honest.  He wasn’t the sort of guy you bought for anything but being a thug, unless you were a particular sort of sadist.

His owner or his… handler? being a sadist was still on the table, he reminded himself. Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 13: Performance Anxiety

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Previous: Family


If you want to sleep with me…

Leander didn’t exactly freeze, but he did go quiet for a moment.  He looked at Sylviane. She was looking – well, he thought she was looking shy.  He was going to put his foot in it in the worst way.

He cleared his throat and decided to go for honestly.  “I… well. You’re gorgeous. You’re sweet. You’re absolutely nothing like what I expected.  You’re nothing like what I’m used to. And uh. I… you don’t want to do that. You don’t want me to do that.

He braced himself for anger, for hurt, for something.  She looked confused. “I don’t want to… sleep with you?  Have sex with you?” She whispered the last and he once again had to think about her age, or maturity, in some confusion.   “Do you, uh. Do you have spines or something?” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 12: Family

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Leander let Sylviane lead him out of the park and out of Ellie’s line of sight.  “I’m sorry,” she murmured. “We didn’t use your whole hour yet, and I’m worried that if we don’t go home, she’s just going to follow us around trying to figure out how to get into your pants.  Which, uh. I don’t mind if you sleep with some of my friends, but I’d really rather you not sleep with her.  She counts coup.”

Struck by an urge he didn’t quite understand, Leander leaned down and in so he could murmur directly into Sylviane’s ear.  “If I am your boyfriend,” he pointed out, “I shouldn’t be sleeping with any of your friends, or even people who just think they’re your friends… should I?” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 11: Fun

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“Cool.”  Sylviane slid down to the ground and landed, knees bent, before hopping up to grab  the bar right in front of him. “You’re kind of fun.”

“I’m – I’m glad.”  He was fun? Well, he looked at her thoughtfully. “Do I get to pretend to be drunk? That’s almost as fun as being drunk.”

She snorted, pleased.  “As long as you don’t mind me slapping you if you get too carried away with the whole thing.”

“Heck, I might even like it.”  Wait, what was he saying? Well, it was too late to take it back now.

“Oh, really?”  She raised her eyebrows at him.  “I think you’re going to be fun.”

“You said I already was fun.” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation: Collared

Okay, this has been bugging me for a bit.  Leander sort of magically gets collared on the drive.  Oops!

So here’s his collaring scene.  This happens in the middle-beginning of Chapter Five


Mr. MacDiarmad led him out of the garage and through a long hallway that seemed to be there for the sole purpose of being a hallway.  That led out into a wide living room – leather and brown-tones, wood and wide windows opening on a generously large yard.  

“First things first.  If you would kneel?” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 10: What You Like

First: Purchased: Negotiation
Previous: Rocks and Bitches



His magical muscles were atrophied.  They hadn’t been put to any use at all in longer than he cared to think about.  

He treated it like any other muscle he needed to work.  He stretched it more than was comfortable, but not enough that he couldn’t move the next day.  He glanced over at Sylviane, who looked, more than anything, curious.

“Good set of Words,” she murmured.  For a moment, forgetting that he was not being Kept by her, he braced for the praise – and, in a part of his brain that wasn’t really listening to reason, to the insult that would come right afterwards, with the downswing of his mood without his consent or control.

None of that came. Continue reading