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Purchase Negotiation 37 – Don’t Let Her Get Hurt

First: Purchased: Negotiation


Don’t let her get hurt.  That meant Leander had to get her out of the line of fire.  Five of them. One of him. 

He ducked his head, took a second like he was really considering it, and pushed all the force he had into making a sort of dimple in the brick wall just big enough to hold Sylviane.  

He’d been talking fast, but it was still not fast enough. One of the goons grabbed his shoulder.

He shoved backwards at the same time he grabbed the gun, twisting it away. He shoved that goon hard into the next one and kicked out towards the third. 

Then it was target, hit, repeat, target, hit, repeat. The guns went away, the goons went into the wall, he kicked one and punched another and didn’t even pause before he hit the girl, grabbed one last gun before it could aim Sylviane’s way –  Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 36 – Harriman Hall

First: Purchased: Negotiation


The girl in the ridiculous outfit was turning slowly around, pointing as she explained that she had tried everything.  “-but nothing seems to be Harriman Hall…?”

“Oh, sure, it’s right over here.”  Sylviane gestured behind her, directing the girl towards a little alleyway between the buildings.  The girl wasn’t getting it; she repeated Sylviane’s directions back to her, but she had them all wrong.  “Okay, why don’t we walk you there, how’s that?”

The girl shot a nervous look at Leander.  He knew that expression; he was not a small guy, and he could seem a little threatening.  He took a step back and held up his hands.  

Sylviane, however, was having none of that, which was useful, he supposed, since he couldn’t really leave her and following thirty feet behind would only be creepier.  “What? He’s my boyfriend.” She took one of Leander’s hands. “He’s a sweetheart, I assure you.  Now, if you want to get to Harriman, you pretty much either need to go this way -” She started walking; Leander followed, of course.  After a moment, so did the girl.  Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 35 – Book Depository

First: Purchased: Negotiation


In the end, they wandered aimlessly – or at her aim – around the campus for two hours while Leander learned a whole bunch of things he thought he’d never remember.  He also noticed where he’d put himself if he was a sniper, the bottlenecks where he didn’t want to get caught with her if there was a problem, the places they could take shelter and set up defenses if someone came after her. 

At one point, she noticed where his gaze was.  She pointed up at the bell tower nearby. “That’s completely accessible.  You need a university pass, but that’s it. Pretty sure my father does a Forces shield around it every time he’s on campus, and he might renew it when I’m not looking.” 

She twisted her face, but Leander nodded approvingly.  “It’s a good idea. It’s not just your hide he’d be protecting, either,” he added gently.  “If someone does come after you, they might not care about collateral damage.  They might want it…” He trailed off.  “Tell me about this SpringFest?”

So she did, although she kept glancing back at him, like she was considering what he’d said.   Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 34: Not a Drop

First: Purchased: Negotiation


It might have been a dumb joke, but Inka giggled, at least.  “Oh! Well, no, girls are jerks too, I don’t think … oh, that’s cute though.”  She giggled a little more, and Leander felt less stupid. Maybe not all Sylviane’s friends would be hard to deal with.  “Oh, no, I’ve utterly lost the thread of the conversation.”

“She does that,” Ripley assured Leander.  “Not just when she’s drinking her weight in tequila, either; watch out, when these two go out drinking, it can get kinda of messy, and not just the way they shut down the boys that are interested. Although that,” he grinned, “that is a murder by burn sort of scene.  Inka burns and Sylvie freezes them out and then they swap out,  it’s amazing.”

Leander found himself smiling back.  “I can’t wait ’till I can see that.”

“Oh, and you will.  Once classes get started, it’s usually every Friday night-“ Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 33: Mars

First: Purchased: Negotiation


It was going to take a lot more than an hour to walk around campus.  

It might take more than an hour to get around a single “quad,” the way Sylviane walked, which was to stop and point at something, tell him a story, and then move four feet to something else. 

On the other hand, Leander really didn’t mind.  He was learning about her more than the campus, sure, but she was, in the long run, a lot more important than just a bunch of buildings. 

“Oh, here.”  She flushed. He glanced at her curiously and waited. “Oh-” She noticed he was waiting. “Nothing, it’s just-“

“A bench.”  He read the inscription on the brass plaque – it wasn’t her name, wasn’t anyone whose name he recognized, and they’d been class of 1920, so probably not someone she knew personally – well, not a human she knew personally, he corrected.  Could be a fae. Could even be her mentor. 

“I had my first kiss with – with someone I really liked for a while – right here on this bench.” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 32: Choices & Decisions

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“When you put it like that,” Sylviane repeated, while Leander’s mouth was full, “I really want to… I don’t know, change the world.  A lot.”

He blinked at her and wished he hadn’t filled his mouth up with sticky cheese. 

“So everyone, I think… everyone ought to have good food, a warm and comfortable place to sleep, indoor plumbing, clothes that fit, comfortable shoes, and an education.  Everyone. So if there are people not getting that – which obviously there are – then I want to fix that.”

He swallowed and gulped some soda.  “Like… slave’s rights reform? Or like, uh. Um. Helping people in the inner cities, or on other continents, or -“

“All of it.  Every bit of it.  I mean, okay, that’s going to take a few years.”  She ducked her head. “But maybe there’s a way. I mean, make money, figure out how to make it into more money, and then spend a large portion of it making sure people have a place to sleep and warm shoes on their feet.  And then, on the side, working with other Shener…”

She trailed off and looked at Leander. His stomach suddenly felt leaden.  

“The people who did this to you…” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 31: Desires

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“So, your first day of college.”  Sylviane pointed a mozzarella stick at Leander; it seemed that, although she had a gourmet chef at home (or maybe because she did; Leander didn’t quite understand rich kids), she knew every good pizza and bar-food joint in the city.  “What did you think?”

“That wasn’t a real day of college,” he protested.  “That was just one seminar thing and one meeting with a professor.  I mean, she was terrifying, but in a good way.”

“Terrifying, but in a good way? Explain.”

“She’s really tough, she knows her stuff, and she looks right through you and sees your meat.  Your core, I mean.” He looked at her and, feeling brave, pointed a fry at her. “You’re pushy when you’ve been at school.  Explain.”

“Oh!”  She looked at the fry and wrinkled her nose at him. “Pushy?” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 30: Tests

First: Purchased: Negotiation


Sylviane patted Leander’s shoulder and smiled brightly at him.  He hoped he didn’t look as nervous as she was acting like he did.  “We’re going. I’m driving, if that’s fine with you.”

Leander felt as if his head was full in a way it hadn’t been – possibly ever.  He had taken notes in the seminar because Sylviane was – and because she’d given him a notebook and a pen and it seemed to be what you were supposed to do – but most of his notes had been looking at her notes and writing down something similar.

He had, he realized, no idea how to handle this whole school thing – and this had just been a seminar.

He’d listened to the woman at the front of the room talk – it was a discussion on how data could be used or abused in manners to make your business better for you, to make it better for your customers, or possibly both – and had written down a bunch of questions as he got confused, but when the time came for questions, he’d left that to people who were supposed to be here.

(Sylviane had, in three cases, written down an answer to his questions right under them, so he was glad he hadn’t asked any of them out loud). Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 29: Survival

First: Purchased: Negotiation


Sylviane patted Leander’s shoulder and smiled brightly at him.  He hoped he didn’t look as nervous as she was acting like he did.  “We’re going. I’m driving, if that’s fine with you.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.  I’m gonna need practice to be back into driving again – I mean.”  He blinked and shut up, staring at her, waiting for the anger. 

She snaked an arm around his waist and hip-bumped him.  “Hey. I asked if you minded. If it was fine with you.”

“I -”  He looked down at her.  “Yeah. Yes, you did, ma’am.” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 28: Collegiate

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“It’s gonna be a blast.  Right.”  Leander snorted. “All right.”  Leander looked at himself in a mirror.  “I don’t look stupid.”

“You look – may I?”

He was not going to get used to the way she asked permission before touching him, but he nodded.  She ran her hands over his face, over his shoulders, looked at him again. “There. You look like a college kid.  Kinda nervous, new school, meeting your girlfriend’s friends, that’s fine. Try not to punch too many of them, okay?”

“I’m only gonna punch someone if you ask me to, if they grab me some way I don’t like, or if they’re gonna hurt you.”  He grimaced. It came out sounding half street thug and half military. “Damnit, I can look like a college kid all I want -“

“Doesn’t matter.”  She patted his shoulder. “Works, actually. So. You went straight into the military, can’t tell people what you were doing, classified, you’d have to kill them.  I have a guess that there’s more truth in that than you’ll want me to know, so that works out pretty well. Less lies to keep straight.”

There was the big, giant lie of being her boyfriend still to contend with, but – well, they were going to have one of those lies no matter what.  He was pretty sure her friends wouldn’t be all that cool with “my dad bought him to protect me.”

“Okay.  Military.”  He rolled his shoulders.  “This is nuts.” Continue reading