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Purchased: Rocks and Bitches

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Leander stood still, his hands moving behind his back, his chin up.  He wasn’t meeting her eyes, but he could see Sylviane anyway.  And she did not look like he had just defied her.  

“I just mean…” She faltered and tilted her head.  “Here, come downstairs with me.” She reached for his hand, dropped her hand, and led the way.

Leander followed.  If he tried to gauge forty feet when he couldn’t see her, he was going to get a headache.

Even more of a headache.

She waited until they were downstairs, through what looked like a very well-appointed bar, and into a gym some colleges would kill for, before she said anything.  “Okay, look. It’s your body, and you can do what you want with it as far as I’m concerned. You’re a fae bodyguard. You could look like Poindexter and still kick ass, right?”

“…Right…”  He had no idea what she meant by, well, anything anymore. Continue reading

Purchased: Learning The Way Around

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She stood up like they hadn’t just been negotiating his life and held out her hand.  “Okay, I don’t know much about Kept but I do know simple things like you need touch from your Keeper.”

He put his hand in hers and tried to hide his expression.  Expressions. All of the feelings that wanted to move across his face, none of them really helpful in this situation and almost all of them involving the word confused. Continue reading

Purchased: Boyfriend Experience

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Leander was surprised to find himself smiling, but let the smile fade quickly.  “I don’t do guys. I already negotiated that with your father.” Before she could say anything, he held up a finger.  “But if you want me to hold down some college boy for you while you have your way with him, I might find that entertaining.”  

Was he flirting?  He hadn’t known he’d even remembered how to flirt.

“I’ll keep that in mind.  Do you think you could do that?”

“Pretend to be an overprotective boyfriend? Depends.  Are you going to pretend to enjoy it, or are you going to pretend to hate it and push me away all the time and sulk?” Continue reading

Purchased: Introduction

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Oh, good. Leander did everything he could to look relaxed and not like he was bracing himself.

“This is not exactly fair, you realize.”

“No.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Go.  If for no other reason than he has to be uncomfortable out there waiting.”


Her body language was 100 percent different. She’d gone from acting like a teenager to acting like an adult; she didn’t flounce but stalk; she wasn’t sulking, she was considering.  She walked up to Leander and held out her hand.  “Hi.  I’m Sylvanie.” Continue reading

Purchased: Negotiation

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The car ride lasted longer than he thought it ought to, winding through the city and into a neighborhood where there were actual lawns, through a gate they had to buzz through and into the detached garage next to a big house or a small mansion.  “All right.  No orders on behavior but I’m going to warn you, we do have a cat, she liked jumping on people, and she is often far too sharp.”

“Sir.”  Leander raised his eyebrows.  “A cat?” Continue reading


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“I want my daughter safe.  I want her safe no matter what.”

Leander was not the sort of guy to shiver, but something about his employer’s – Owner’s – words made him want to.  He studied the man’s face.  “You’re serious.”

“Deathly serious.  You are not my life insurance, because I’m not that vain, and because I’m old enough to look after myself.  But you’re my insurance for her.  Understand?”

“Yes, sir.  Crystal clear.  Keep your daughter alive despite herself.  Even when the shit hits the fan.”

“You don’t seem bothered.” Continue reading


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There was paperwork, or at least the sort that involved moving small pieces of green paper between people.  It wasn’t like this place wanted a trail.  

And then there was the woman who had trapped him originally passing his ownership over, and then there was the matter of removing the shackles, the leather belt, the ankle restraints, and the thick steel collar.  The woman paused for a moment, raised her eyebrows. Continue reading

Purchase Agreement

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Leander looked the man up and down.  He was not in a place where he could look very intimidating, but he did his best.

The man did no look intimidated.  Leander’s opinion of him went up a notch.  “So, are you interested?”

Leander’s opinion went up yet another notch. “I’m not in a position to have an opinion on things.”

“You are definitely in a position to have opinions, or you would not have started this discussion by telling me what you didn’t do.  The question is: do you do bodyguard work?’ Continue reading

Self-indulgent beginning: Purchase Negotiation

Leander looks a bit like a a Pitch Black-era Vin Diesel in my head.

This is just fluff fun based on something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while.

“I don’t do guys.”

Leander was not exactly in a position to set terms.

He was wearing, in order of importance, a thick steel collar, a much thinner silver collar, shackles pinning his wrists to a heavy leather belt, and ankle restraints with just enough chain to be annoying.  Continue reading