Self-indulgent beginning: Purchase Negotiation

Leander looks a bit like a a Pitch Black-era Vin Diesel in my head.

This is just fluff fun based on something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while.

“I don’t do guys.”

Leander was not exactly in a position to set terms.

He was wearing, in order of importance, a thick steel collar, a much thinner silver collar, shackles pinning his wrists to a heavy leather belt, and ankle restraints with just enough chain to be annoying. 

He was also chained to the wall by the back of the heavier collar. 

None of that was necessary; the words that had gone along with the thin collar held him where he stood.  But Leander was not a small guy, and the rest of it made the staff in this little establishment comfortable. 

Right now, his was the only comfort he was worried about, and the short, handsome man in front of him with the serious-looking green-hazel eyes was making him seriously uncomfortable.  He moved like he wanted to find out what Leander tasted like. 

Leander did not want to be this naked that close to that expression. 

“You don’t need to worry.”  The man’s smile was wrong.  “I’m not buying you for myself.  I’m buying you for my daughter.”

“I don’t do kids, either.”

“I’m not buying you to do anyone, either, despite the establishment in which we both find ourselves at the moment. No.  They tell me you fought the whole way.  They tell me they had to threaten your life, your liberty, and your balls to get you to cooperate, and even then, you nearly blinded two people and bit off someone else’s nose.”

“Well, yeah.”  Leander shifted as much as the chains would allow.  The guy was smiling.  “Wouldn’t you fight, if you went from being uh, pushed around in a stupid work camp to being picked up by these guys?”

“I find it more interesting how you ended up getting ‘pushed around in a work camp’ to begin with, but that’s beside the point.  There is a storm coming.  I am going to buy you to protect my daughter from its ravages.  And, in the process, I am going to get you out of a sex factory and provide you the means to protect yourself, as well.”

“Because I bit someone’s nose off?”

“Because you stopped fighting in the middle of breaking someone’s arm to move a kitten.”


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