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Story repost for the “April Showers” Patreon Theme

Don’t Cry, Baby 
a repost from 2013

Addergoole, beginning of Year 13 – originally posted here and slightly edited. (One of only two retro posts I could find involving rain/showers!)

“Don’t cry, baby. When you cry, the sky cries with you.”

Amaya’s daddy had said that to her, growing up. He’d point out the window at the encroaching clouds, or at the storm or the shower, and say the same thing, every time.

When she tripped and skinned her knee, “Don’t cry, baby…"

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Kink/Fluff/Angst Meme: Doug

This story starts in the middle of Doug Gets a Hug and ends after it. Doug, Ana, and Teal are Addergoole characters.

The girl had a boy. So help him, Doug was not going to make it through her four years sane.

She – Ana, Anastasia the dancer, Ana the pert, Ana oro’Willow – didn’t exactly have a boy, because Teal himself had an oro’ at the end of his name, and his Keeper was the possessive sort. But when Teal and Ana danced – and Teal danced, of course he did – Doug could watch the sparks. And that wasn’t all he could watch. It was a good thing neither Keeper was in the habit of visiting their dance practices.

He wasn’t going to survive the next four years, but it might be a fun way to go crazy.


She’d been waiting for him the day after Willow left, leaning against his apartment door and wearing a little trenchcoat that was unseasonable, unneeded inside, and entirely tantalizing.

She’d at least waited until they were inside his apartment – but not until the door was all the way closed – to show him exactly how much she wasn’t wearing underneath. And then, for several athletic, dexterous, and wonderful hours, she’d shown him quite a few other things.

Doug was happy. He was actually smiling, something he couldn’t quite remember doing before, or at least not in quite a while. But, being himself, he couldn’t help poking at it.

“What about the boy?” She had her head pillowed on his chest, so he was talking to the top of her head. “You like him.”

She looked up at him, a smile dancing on her lips. “Nobody ever said I only had to ‘like’ one person.” The smile slipped, her expression and her voice suddenly serious. “Did they?”

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They Were Over

For [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt.

Nilam is an Addergoole: Yr9 characters. Forrester comes to school in Year 10.

She had thought she was done with him when he took the collar off her neck.

She walked away; he walked away. Neither of them were comfortable with the way the last year had gone. Neither of them wanted to be friends. They were over.

She had thought she was done with him when the dreams stopped.

She had a new Kept, a lovely boy who didn’t fight her too hard and made the sweetest noises when she had to punish him. She curled up around him at night and, after a few months, she stopped dreaming of her former Keeper. They were over.

She thought she was done with him when he graduated.

Their daughter looked nothing like him and everything like her. Her dreams had stopped, the whispers of his Words not coming through, anymore, even when she scolded her Kept. She didn’t say, anymore: good Kept do this, bad Kept do that, the way she had learned his Keeper’s Keeper had said. She didn’t punish her Kept for having thoughts. And she didn’t dream about him anymore. They were over.

She thought she was done with him when she graduated.

She was leaving everyplace she’d ever known him, every place she’d ever seen him. She was leaving the last places that echoed with his name – and all the classmates that knew Forrester was Kept by Nilam, and look what that did. She was leaving everything behind that could in any way suggest Nilam. Everything.

She walked out of her new apartment and walked right into her former Keeper.

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Doug gets a Hug, a story for the Giraffe Call

For [personal profile] imaginaryfiend‘s prompt. Doug and Ana are Addergoole characters. Addergoole has a landing page here

“She’s a dancer.”

That’s what Luke had said.

Doug looked at the girl. She was short, muscular, and lush, her black curls tied into a ponytail. She’d shown up ready to dance.

“Dance.” If she couldn’t handle him being short, she wasn’t going to be able to handle him.

She set down her MP3 player, turned up the music, and started….

It was dancing, Doug had to admit, but it was just about having sex with an invisible partner. He found his pants getting tighter. Shit. “Not this bump and grind shit,” he snarled. “Dance.”

She turned around and stuck her tongue out at him, then bent down and changed the track.

She could dance. This was going to be an interesting four years.


“Who’s the new girl?” Willow was one of Doug’s fourth-year Students, not a dancer, not a monster hunter. His half-brother’s former Kept and current beloved.

“Be nice.” Doug didn’t snarl at her. That would have been sillier than even he felt.

“I’ll be nice, but who is she?”

Ana was coming out of the locker room. “Ana. Willow. Play nice.”


He expected Willow to Keep Ana, and he was right. It took some of the stress off of him; it put Ana firmly off-limits. His brother’s girlfriend’s Kept. Only Willow herself was more off-limits. It kept him – ha – from making a fool of himself.

She was a good dancer, a wonderful dancer. Training her was actually fun, actually challenged Doug to remember moves lost in his memory. He was rough with her, harsh; he always was, when he was training. She laughed at him, stuck her tongue out, and kept dancing.

When she fought with Willow – every couple fights – she cried it out in dancing in his studio. When she was freaked out by her powers, by her Change, she danced it out in his studio. It made sense; he was her Mentor. It made him want to protect her. It made him go home and drink.


“Doug, I, ah.” Willow wanted to ask him something. Doug waited; he was feeling particularly cranky. “Aleron is coming to visit this weekend.”

He grunted. Aleron did that. It was good for him that he was still connecting with Willow after he’d graduated. That didn’t mean Doug had to smile about it.

“Ana doesn’t want to stay in our room while Aleron’s there.”

“Don’t blame her.” Ana was very straight-forward about being second fiddle.

“She wants to spend the night with you, Doug.”


“I let her choose. She chose you.”

“…okay.” What else was he going to say?


He queued up some of his favorite old movies, chilled down some good beer, and paced. Why him? Was she just trying to thumb her nose at Aleron? Doug didn’t think his little brother would even notice.

“Cowboy movies.” She smiled, contentedly, drank his beer, and slowly snuck closer to him on the couch. By the end of the second movie, she was cuddled against his side.


“I asked Willow. Tonight… anything’s okay.”

“Is that what you want?” He was holding his breath, holding his arm just an inch above her shoulders. She nuzzled his chest.


“…you’re sure?”

“Yes.” She raspberried into his chest. “Doug. Sa’Brontosaurus. Yes.”

Doug stopped arguing. At least, for the moment.

She could dance, oh, departed gods. This was going to be an interesting four years.

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Don’t Cry, Baby

To moonwolf1988‘s prompt.

Year 13, Reveal (Lunch time on the First Friday).

“Don’t cry, baby. When you cry, the sky cries with you.”

Amaya’s daddy had said that to her, growing up. He’d point out the window at the encroaching clouds, or the storm, or the shower, and say the same thing, every time.

When she tripped and skinned her knee.

“Don’t cry, baby.”

When she failed her first class

“When you cry…”

When her date to homecoming left her all lone.

“…the sky cries with you.”

When she stepped on the plane to leave everything behind.

“Don’t cry baby.”

“I know, Daddy. The plane won’t fly through turbulence.”

“And when you get upset, things get pretty turbulent.” He patted her shoulder and sent her off.

Off to… this place. This strange place with its strange people and its strange… everything. She looked around again, as if that would make it better.

She’d thought Beckett was pretty cute. He had a tail. A tail.

She wasn’t sure about Irvy, but she was certain he had scales. That was just unfair.

And Edan. He had a voice that calmed her right down, wicked cool tats, and he was in the only band Addergoole seemed to sport. But he was sporting prickly fur down his back and a personal field of ice-cold air. It was too much.

Way too much. She gulped, swallowed, and tried to find something safe for her eyes to settle on. Aleron. Aleron was cute, cute, and nice, and very taken…

…and sporting a pair of wide, green wings.

The air above the Dining Hall opened up with rain.

Amaya’s wiki page (thin as it is) is here – http://agyearnine.wikispaces.com/Amaya

Amaya Year 14 – http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/672732.html

Edited and updated – https://www.patreon.com/posts/dont-cry-baby-5213821

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