Call for Prompts: Steampunk!

The prompts theme for January is (drumroll please):


(Based on the results of this poll and this call for ideas).

Re-imagine steampunk. Not just gears and brass, corsets and goggles, what can I do with steampunk? Where can the steam and the sci-fi go that it hasn’t gone before?

I’m looking for writing prompts for short stories, and, if you want to challenge me more, a specific word count greater than 99 but less than 3500. Can’t promise all will be written but what I can say is that, if I write a short story off your prompt, you will get a copy of it even if it is not posted for general consumption.

I’ll post one or two free stories off each call for prompts and offer the rest for sponsorship until or unless they’re submitted for publication

For stories written from previous prompts, see the summary post

12 thoughts on “Call for Prompts: Steampunk!

  1. orichalcum (a mystical metal, somewhat like copper) ornithopter (a type of flying machine) a female mechanic who, after being refused admittance to higher education by reason of her sex, decides to quietly dismantle the city’s infrastructure for revenge

  2. Ok, the humerous part os me is yelling : “We’ve lost our goggles! Oh no, whatever shall we do without them?” Ahem. Had to get that off my chest. Steampunk tends to be about adventure and exploration, or occasionally crime solving. How about a story about ordinary people and how all this technological change affects their lives? Also, I like blimps.

  3. Annabella Crux watched helplessly as an experiment gone horribly wrong destroyed her brother and father. As she watched their estate burn, the secret of what destroyed her home and family became clear to her. In 3000 words, explore what the secret that killed her family is and her quest to right what is wrong. Is hers a quest for vengeance? Is she trying to track down a saboteur? Or has she come across a terrible danger in the technology of the steampunk-powered world around her that will lead to the end of the world?

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