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Recently I have been made aware of just how many barely-connected circles there are of fiction on the internet. I can’t connect the circles, but I can offer up a clearinghouse for resources, so that is what I’m doing.

If I’ve missed something, please tell me about it.

For readers and writers: – rated & reviewed listings of online fiction – a community devoted to original online entertainment – a livejournal community for all things crowdfunded – Crowdfunding community on Dreamwidth, thanks [personal profile] clare_dragonfly – rated & reviewed listings of online fiction
see also – Web Fiction Guide listings by rating – Web Fiction Guide listings by reader votes

For writers: – WebLit, for marketing, promotion and cross-promotion for web literature

For readers: – ErgoFiction, a magazine for readers and fans of webfiction.

On Twitter:
Hashtags for finding online fiction include:
#amwriting (for writers)
#fantasy (or #scifi, or #spec/#specfic and so on)

Most importantly: forums, blogs, twitter chats – other people. I have connected to more stories, and gotten more readers, simply chatting with other people online.

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