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    1. Luke! His code of ethics and the driving Mara need to protect. These drive so much of his actions, and so much of the grumpy, too. His old-fashioned-ness, including about Ellehemaei things; part of him still considers being unable to father fullblooded Ellehemaei to be a failure on his part. He’s short. It sounds silly, but people forget that he’s short, and that he was raised by a British Mara mother in (I-think-it’s-Iroquois) for his childhood (I don’t know why everyone wants him to be a giant greek god, but he’s a short Indian god).

      1. *grins about the height thing* Maybe it is the wings? I bet that they stick up over his head. Poor guy. It sucks that he’s beating himself up over his kids. Maybe he should see Mendosa? But then at least half of Addergoole should see Mendosa.

          1. Understandable. But still. Maybe that woman of his can shake some sense into him. But she’s a bit to “Jessie paint your pictures” to really help.

          2. Will. I remembered the lyrics from Smitty’s story above it on the Valentine’s Day page. I think the lyrics work for both of them. Though Smitty seems to have recovered. Some.

          3. Generally not fatal. But they hurt. And Smitty seems to have had the time he needed. Not sure Luke has had that time – calling her and having her show up does not really help with the healing process.

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