Cool: a Sunday meme

Stolen from [personal profile] recessional

Name a character I’ve written about, and I will tell you three things that I think are essential to keep in mind when writing that character.

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    • Luke! His code of ethics and the driving Mara need to protect. These drive so much of his actions, and so much of the grumpy, too. His old-fashioned-ness, including about Ellehemaei things; part of him still considers being unable to father fullblooded Ellehemaei to be a failure on his part. He’s short. It sounds silly, but people forget that he’s short, and that he was raised by a British Mara mother in (I-think-it’s-Iroquois) for his childhood (I don’t know why everyone wants him to be a giant greek god, but he’s a short Indian god).

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