What makes you awesome?

Heard this on the radio and it was too cool not to share:

Tell me, what makes you awesome? What about you makes you a cool human being?

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18 thoughts on “What makes you awesome?

  1. An answer that would surprise no one: I’m not awesome at all. Except it’s not true~ I am awesome because I have a boundless sense of curiosity, wonder and enthusiasm for the world, because I can link together concepts in fascinating, if meaningless to others, ways, because I am a genuine jack of all trades – a vast portfolio of basic-level skills in every area that has ever interested me with a sufficient level of talents to be passable in most all of them, because I always believe the best of people – and because I can sometimes make other people happy, which is the only really important thing.

  2. I am awesome because I’m a mean, stubborn bitch but I still can be (and generally am) sincerely polite and respectful with anyone. ~cap who forgot her login

  3. I am awesome because I will get people the info they need. I am also upbeat and creative. But most of all, I will stagger out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to rescue your cats if you call.

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