Images for series of short stories


I’m working on putting together something like Ysabetwordsmith‘s list of her serial poetry, and I’m trying to come up with images for each series.

I have pictures for a couple:

After eseme‘s suggestion, TirNaCali is a map, showing the split (yes, I’m missing Baja. Sigh. I’ll need to add it)

The path is for Rin & Girey/Reiassan

Probably something like this – – for the Vas series.

That leaves: fae apoc and its subseries. I have some art for Addergoole, but nothing for faeapoc as a whole.

And Stranded.


7 thoughts on “Images for series of short stories

  1. For Stranded, given the main character’s names, I’d do a composite of seasonal images. Four quarters of a square, with Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn images.

    • Ah, yes, sorry, I forgot that one. Not certain about that (for one, I want rectangles), but it’s an idea.

        • Yeah, and the other three, while on the list, are down it at least another round of Free Icon Days (this one is Ayla and Cali-Catgirl, I think)

          • Neat! Cat-girl will be popular. Dunno. Some sort of seasonal montage appeals to me. Your other option there is the strands of fate. Some sort of image of yarn or spider webs or glowing strands?

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