Images for series of short stories


I’m working on putting together something like Ysabetwordsmith‘s list of her serial poetry, and I’m trying to come up with images for each series.

I have pictures for a couple:

After eseme‘s suggestion, TirNaCali is a map, showing the split (yes, I’m missing Baja. Sigh. I’ll need to add it)

The path is for Rin & Girey/Reiassan

Probably something like this – – for the Vas series.

That leaves: fae apoc and its subseries. I have some art for Addergoole, but nothing for faeapoc as a whole.

And Stranded.


7 thoughts on “Images for series of short stories

  1. For Stranded, given the main character’s names, I’d do a composite of seasonal images. Four quarters of a square, with Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn images.

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