A small rant on tolerance

This began on Twitter, but I’m posting it here after some encouragement to do so.

In short: I’m sick and tired of hateful blanket statements about other groups/parties/affiliations.

To be tolerant, one needs to be universally tolerant; either it’s okay to have any opinion, or none are okay.

(Noting, of course, that an opinion or a political affiliation are not, in themselves, actions (hitting someone with a stick is still bad))

Religious group X, political group Y; they do not themselves hold opinions. Bigot A, Loudmouth B, they may, but assuming they represent an entire group is just turning around and being as hateful and prejudicial as they are.

To the end of “all I can do is disagree,” I will unfollow people who are spewing hate speech, whatever direction they are spewing it in.

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