Food and Wine

I love my dinner train of thought looking at cupboard: mm, not in the mood for matzo ball soup. Want Jambalaya. Don’t have a Jambalaya mix. Maybe Dal palak with the chicken in the fridge? That sounds tasty.

We ended up making naan with a side of chicken, sausage, and mirepoix.


Today was a do-it-yourself wine tour. 🙂

Penguin Bay Winery was having a buy-two-get-one on their very nice Percussion wine, so we headed there.

I’ve wanted Red Newt’s Hellbender Soiree port since we stopped there this autumn (there was a line), so we stopped there on the way to get a bottle of that.

After Red Newt and Penguin Bay, I turned into the first winery that looked really interesting, which turned out to be Leidenfrost Estates. We tasted … well, most of their wine list, and ended up buying a Log Cabin White, which is a nice versatile semi-sweet wine, and their dessert wine Encore. (their Gewurztraminer was also very nice).

Then… we stopped at Finger Lakes Distilling, and split a rather more high-octane tasting. Nom. Delicious. We’re going to have to go back and buy more.

All in all, a nice way to get out of the house for a few hours. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Food and Wine

  1. Yum! Oh, I am intrigued by the distillery: Maplejack Liqueur / Cassis Liqueur / Raspberry Liqueur / Cherry Liqueur / Blueberry Liqueur Right up my alley! Excellent way to get out of the house.

    • We’ve got the maplejack; it’s .. very strong. The Raspberry and cherry are phenomenal; so’s the brandy.

      • I must go there sometime. I enjoy fruit liqueurs and some brandies. There is a fabulous distillery in Nova Scotia near where my sister lives, in an old blacksmith shop. Their cranberry liqueur is amazing.

          • Oooooh! Maybe on my way through in May. At this point, I’ll be in New York in March, May, and possibly October. The only reason I could manage AlbaCon in October is that my vacation time can recover over the summer. We might get fewer furlough days next year, if so Labor Day weekend gets shorter. But I will be off the highways in May – I need to stop back into the last town I lived in and close out my auto loan. I might be able to manage another detour, though I am planning one to the cider mill in Cooperstown on the way down.

            • The last town you lived in isn’t that far from us 😀 If not, remind me in early October and I’ll bring you a bottle. March! Is that this weekend?

              • Weekend of the 26th. Erm, my system appears to fail… I posted that info on both Facebook and LJ one month before I was traveling, and then two weeks before. Is that not a good way to let you and other people know when I will be in the area? Because no one appears to have noticed those messages or contacted me.

                  • See the most recent post for when stuff happens. The drive down is a rush to Rochester to get the the pre-con party at Vertex (the con chair put me on the list when I asked what it would be, so I should be there). The drive back may have Panther – he wants to visit Maine in April and this saves half a round-trip ticket. I noted times I can duck out of the con.

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