Sure! Census meme

Ganked from mmegaera, who ganked it from ann_mcn.

In 2011, I am living with my husband, with one cat, in a one bedroom apartment in Trumansburg, NY, between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, half an hour from Ithaca, an hour from Syracuse and an hour and a half from Rochester

In 2001, I was living with my husband-then-boyfriend, two roommates, one of whom I’d used to date, and two cats, in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

In 1991, I was living with my parents in their log cabin in Churchville, an exurb of Rochester, with two cats (different cats).

In 1981, my parents and I moved from a duplex in Spencerport to the log cabin we finished building (okay, they built it, I watched). We had a cat, who lost herself on the move.

In 1971, my mother had just turned 20 and my dad 21, and I don’t know where they were.

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