Now THAT is how a weekend should be

Weekends like this past one remind me what I love (and hate) about living down here.

Saturday was a trip to Horseheads to get T. fitted for a tux for an upcoming wedding we’re both in (Horseheads is the closest town with a Men’s Warehouse; it’s about an hour away). This involved driving through some of the most depressed and depressing parts of Southern Tier, NY, but it also involved random sights like this, a stop at a winery above Watkin’s Glen, a stop at a really nice restaurant, and a really nice drive with my spouse-person. I’ll chalk it up as a win: I’m still full from those ribs!

Sunday we were still feeling like driving, so we headed out to Liedenfrost Winery, where we stopped last weekend, got a little more wine, stopped at Atwater Vineyards for a tasting (Really, really, really good wine!) and then took a hike in the Finger Lakes National Forest.

We started discussing the history of the Reiassani people while we were walking & driving, so I’ll have some worldbuilding notes and maybe an exodus map later this week.

7 thoughts on “Now THAT is how a weekend should be

  1. That sort of drive is fun. I like exploring. But yes, those rural areas can be hard to look at. I do like New York wine!

      • Some of each, my palate is picky I tend to like blushes and dessert wines. I like Bully Hill’s Sweet Walter Red, if you’ve had that. I definitely like my wines more on the sweet end of the scale, as opposed to dry. Hrm, should I bring a bottle of nice stuff from Maine? I can fit that into my schedule on Wednesday, I think.

        • We have a house full of semi-sweet white right now. 🙂 I would willingly share, but it doesn’t sound like it’s in your taste range :-/ (Semi sweet to semi dry white is where T’s palate & mine venn diagram)

          • *grins* I can enjoy some semi-sweet wines. It’s the really dry end I can’t stand. And if I end up with a wine I don’t like to drink, I cook with it. Panther seems to drink just about any wine at all – or, at least, I have not found one he won’t drink. I may still bring down the cranberry wine anyway.

              • Right, I shall bring the bottle. I bought two to mull at a staff party, and we only drank one. It is nice mulled, or not mulled. And I’ve got a bottle sitting around. I’ll see if I can get any of the really nice local stuff for trip down in May.

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