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Weekend Blog: Commercials and Stereotypes

A radio ad – think it was for McDonald’s – got me thinking, not for the first time, about cultural assumptions.

Okay, so there’s a long-running set of assumptions about Husbands in American culture. This particular one was “men don’t like to clean out the garage.”

This… is not true of the men I know, but hey, let’s keep going.

This goes along with the “men don’t like to do chores” tropes – the “Honey-Do” list, the chore jar, etc. The ignored tasks that pile up and up until Marge has to learn carpentry to fix them herself. (I watch a lot of Simpsons, okay? 😉 There seems to be a stack of assumptions that permeate American culture – especially comedy, which, Simpsons aside, I try not to watch too much of.

So, “who perpetuates these myths” is obvious: comedies, commercials, media. I think it probably goes along with the idea that men can’t parent, can’t do housework, are pretty much helpless children when it comes to the realm of the home.

Now, I know the separate spheres idea goes back at least to the late 1800’s, and I know my father, for instance, liked to pretend a helplessness with things like laundry and cooking that belied the years he’d spent living on his own. (Seriously, I was horrified as a teenager to have to show my dad how to use the washer). But my post-childhood experience with men has not been that they are helpless, useless, or lazy.

(There’s a certain amount of self-selection there, of course; I knew incompetent men, lazy men, useless men. I grew up with competent helpful skilled men — my grandfather is a farmer; my other grandfather used to build houses — and chose to marry the same.)

Why do you think this stereotype proliferates?

When you are writing, are there stereotypes you work into your writing? What sorts, and why?

What do you run into in media that just seems jarring vs. the way your life actually goes?

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Mini-Call-for-Prompts: Gender-Funkyness

Now looking for a few prompts for microfic on Gender-Funkiness, this month’s Patreon theme.

I will write at least 100 words to at least one prompt from each prompter, sometime between now and Nano.

Prompts can be something from one of my settings, something setting-neutral, or something from another ‘verse.

(I find it amusing that, during Gender Funky Theme Month, I just binge-read all of El Goonish Shive. And now I have a strong urge to write more gender-funky stuff).

(Or gender-switch stuff. Or general gender oddities).

Let’s have fun with this!

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September’s Theme has been Chosen: Gender-Funkery!

I had a lot of votes for the September Theme Poll – which is awesome, because it means that a lot of people donated/tipped/commissioned in August, on top of my Patreon donor at the $5 level.

The votes were:
1 – Stranded
10 – DnD
Love stories

So that’s two votes each for Stranded, Gender-funkery, and DND (Dragons Next Door).

I assigned these each a number (1,2,3), opened up my handy-dandy Random.org, and rolled.

And got 2! The theme for the month is gender-funkery, and now I get to figure out how to make a theme theme (one that isn’t a setting) work! Yay!

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Thank you, cluudle. Duh.

Gender. Where did I get this messed-up obsession with gender roles, with a side order of gender confusion?

My family has very strong gender roles
and I fit the masculine of those more than the feminine.(*)


Add on to that a decade spent with gamers for whom “girl” is an alien species so “not-girl” is how they deal with girls they can talk to…

…and playing with the boys is more fun (hiking!) than playing with the girls (shopping? Makeup?)…

(*) And not the ones you see on TV shows. Women handle finance. We’re a very Strong Female Role Model family. But men handle woodworking, cars, metalworking (Sort of. My mom sanded and stained our entire house. Twice).

I have trouble being coherent about this, but there’s some blather.