Rin & Girey – Enemy – Complete?

The Rin & Girey Story is up to 2704 words, thanks to comments from Rix, Clare, Eseme, and Inventrix. And I do believe it has reached a conclusion, as one of the longest Rin & Girey stories to date!

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Now I can sleep…

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18 thoughts on “Rin & Girey – Enemy – Complete?

        • Yes! 🙂 In the meantime, I want to finish the Census story, the S&S story, the modern-fantasy-stranded-world story… *catches breath* …edit Revived, submit again after another look through Avarice and Ratcatcher… ….make pretties for the Drakeathon donors and send them out, and get Sugar Cat up on Smashwords. Oh! And start the Cali novel!

                  • 74,000 words or so, not done yet. But close! Much closer. Like 8 chapters left or something… Starting is the fun part. The middle and end are much harder, at least for me…

                    • Starting was so nerverwracking it ate my wordcount. But yeah, it’s interesting. Now he and she both need names.

                    • *grins* You might like middles best! I had been thinking about the library for a while, and then Jalinda just sort of… turned up. The first couple of chapters just flew along. Now, this short story that I started and have put aside… I know that story and it is just sloooooooow.

                    • I think it’s likely I like middles best on long stuff (for short stuff it’s definitely beginnings). I’ve been thinking about nothing since Cali since I sent that out. I even had a mental image for a cover. In Micah’s style O_O

                    • Yay cover art! Micah is expensive though. But totally worth it! *grins* Is thinking about nothing but Cali a problem when you have a bunch of other settings to write in, like Adergoole?

                    • A little bit, yeah 😉 And the first image probably wouldn’t be the one I used, but I liked it for humor value. Art is expensive.

                    • It is! But it generally takes a lot of time, and for someone like Micah who works with actual art supplies, it has a material cost in addition to the time cost. That is the closest I have to an “art” icon.

                    • I am not complaining. I am stating that I understand (note: I have been pricing art for the Addergoole ebooks for a bit) that art, Micah’s or otherwise, will cost money.

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