Links, and then a few more links: E-books & Business

IdeaTrash: the Business of Writing – a good all-purpose article on said topic.

HaikuJaugar on E-book Stats
And Killer Chicks on E-book stats (via R.S. Bohn)
And more, from Jim Hines, via Eseme

HaikuJaguar’s open letter to Smashwords, a must-read
Cory Doctorow on CreateSpace, again via Eseme

John Scalzi on revenue streams, also via Eseme

HaikuJaguar again, a page of writing links.

This is a fraction of my e-publishing links, but they seem to go together well. Thanks, [personal profile] eseme, et al!

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14 thoughts on “Links, and then a few more links: E-books & Business

          • I think it’s important reading because of the implicit warning in it: that traditional publishing doesn’t solve all problems. We know that both paths have their pitfalls, but this is a pretty significant one to have uncovered, and it’s a pretty recent discovery.

            • I read both posts. And am rather horrified on behalf of authors with big publishing. On the other hand, smaller publishers like Baen probably have less complex accounting, and therefore fewer issues. I mean, Baen ebooks are sold through one site, worldwide. I’d say Baen would be a good publisher for those who want books in libraries and bookstores. Well, if you write what Baen buys.

                • Yeah, that’s the hard part. Though they do seem to be branching out into contemporary fantasy, if Sharon Lee’s Carousel Tides is anything to judge by. But they do have a somewhat specific audience.

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