Vocabulary! New word of the Day – Uxoricide

I took this vocabulary test, and was, being me, a bit miffed at the words I didn’t know. But I wrote them down, so I have a new word-a-day for the next month!

Today’s word is Uxoricide:

1: [Medieval Latin uxoricidium, from Latin uxor wife + -i- + -cidium -cide] : murder of a wife by her husband
2: [Latin uxor + English -i- + -cide] : a man who murders his wife


I asked myself, “in which setting would a character kill his wife? Tir Na Cali!

“What got you here?” Only two types of slaves ended up working for the Agency: really exceptional ones, and convicts deemed not yet releasable into the general public. Camden was betting the new guy was the latter. Something in his grey eyes shouted trouble.

“Uxoricide,” he answered, in a voice as dead as his eyes… and no wonder.

“Ux… fuck, man.” Camden took a step back, in case crazy was catching. “You’re lucky you’re still alive.” Grey eyes like that, no way his wife had been anything but a royal.

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