Switcheroo… Tír na Cali, for @DaHob

This is for DaHob‘s prompt in my call for prompts.

Tír na Cali, not in a household currently used in other stories.

Content Warning: dubious consent leaning towards non-con. Bondage. Slavery. Spoiled-rotten royal kids.

Baroness Moira’s son was eager to play with his new slave. The pretty Americana, his bribe to, as his mother said, “settle down and behave,” had been wild and feisty for the first week, but now she was letting him near her without biting, and had actually seemed to warm up to the idea of playing with him.

He wasn’t stupid, whatever his mother might think, so, however willing the girl seemed, he cuffed her to the headboard and tied her legs apart. She could still bite, though, as she reminded him, snapping her teeth, so he gagged her.

The noises she made through the red latex ball were delicious; he barely had the patience to pull off his pants and grab her hips, making a cursory attempt at foreplay (she might belong to him, but he was still a Californian male), licking and nosing at her. She was already wet, writhing and moaning, so he took that for assent and took her.

He had one blinding, blissful moment inside her, before she closed her eyes, and…

…Fionn found himself looking up at himself. The gag stretched his mouth painfully, the cuffs cut into his wrists and ankles, and there was… something… stretching him. Him. Her. Stretching her uncomfortably. She yelled out, terrified, but the gag muffled the sound, made it an unclear groan.

Above her, still inside of her, Fionn-body smiled unkindly. “Shh.” He held up a hand, letting sparks dance across his fingers. “You have a lovely power. Would you like to know what it feels like?”

The Americana was in his body. Fionn whimpered, terrified, and shook her head. No. Please no. “‘eeze…”

Fionn-body, damnit, what was her name? His name… Tacey. Tacey laughed. “Then stay quiet and be a good girl. I’m going to take the gag out now.” Tacey punctuated the comment with another thrust, and Fionn swallowed a pleasure/pain grunt. She didn’t want to get zapped.

Tacey removed the gag. “Now,” he grinned, the leer Fionn was so proud of, “you and I are going to have some fun.”

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4 thoughts on “Switcheroo… Tír na Cali, for @DaHob

  1. Leaning towards non-con? 😉 Finally, finally, finally one of those monsters looks like they’re getting their just desserts!

    • Leaning. Tacey, knowing her powers, isn’t actually AGAINST the sex. Since it’s required (currently) for her power to work.

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