WOW! Or “Day 4 and still writing…”

So. Sunday, I put out a call for prompts (LJ post) on the theme of Gender, Sexuality, and how they can go funky (short title: Genderfunky Giraffes).

21 short and medium pieces later… I still have at least 4 prompts to go. O_O

Yesterday’s summary is here (or here)

In addition, I wrote “Sniffing it Out” (on LJ) to [personal profile] lilfluff‘s commissioned prompt for More Cali Catpeople

(the_vulture, do you want something written?)

and two stories on bi characters LJ) to [personal profile] twisted_times‘s gauntlet-toss.

While I am now closed for free prompts for this call, I am open to continuing any story at my general rate of $5/300 words. 🙂 I hope to finish the remaining prompts today; if you think I missed yours, please feel free to link me to it – the LJ thread got a little insane.

If you are feeling the urge to prompt someone… moonwolf1988 is calling for prompts 😉

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