Summary-to-date of the GenderFunk Giraffe Sale

FIRST: Go check out EllenMillion‘s free abstracts day!

SECOND: Go check out all the awesome (and on LJ) I linked yesterday. (I won’t take it amiss if you save me a buck or two 😉

THIRD: This is a summary of all the microfic & drabbles I’ve written so far (Still have several prompts to go!) for my recent call for prompts on Gender-funk:

New/random settings:
Sugar was a good cat…, from [personal profile] elfling_eryn‘s prompt “A cat that can change your gender…”
In Search of an Heir (LJ Link), to [personal profile] meridian_rose‘s prompt on gender and succession.
Down to the River…, to cluudle‘s prompt “Female unicorn, male virgin.”
It went like this, from the_vulture‘s prompt on a hetero being involved with a gender-fluid individual
Waking Up…, to fayanora “Two people of opposite gender identities living in the same body…”

Tír na Cali:
Royal Reform
[personal profile] lilfluff‘s take off on [personal profile] meridian_rose‘s prompt on gender and succession.
Changing pants, to
[personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt “A female Cali-slave who really wishes…”

Addergoole: 3 Daeva* and a hermaphrodite…
Meckil woke… to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt “Linden: puberty and/or the Change”
Dinnertime, to rix_scaedu‘s prompt “Jamian, his daughter and Melchior?”
Secrets, to ysabetwordsmith‘s prompt on acceptance
Going out, from doni_dyke01 “Transman’s first attempts at… gay dating scene”

Stranded World:
14th Shot, from the_vulture‘s prompt on a hetero being involved with a gender-fluid individual
Spring Equinox, from morrigans_eve‘s prompt on someone with cyclical gender
Meeting the Parents (LJ), to wolfcatt‘s prompt “The members of a M-F-F triad come “out”…
Having Fun, to flutterbychild‘s prompt “I’d love one on being female and heterosexual :3”

Dragons Next Door:
Being Polite, from eseme‘s prompt on the nogender dragons

“Never Married?”, to corona_rift‘s prompt “Anything featuring an aromantic asexual that *doesn’t* involve them realizing they were wrong about their orientation.”

Vas’ World:
Perspective Shift (LJ), to @SharonTheRose’s prompt “a misogynist funds himself in a woman’s body…”

If you want more information about any of these settings, they each have a landing page, indexed here (and on LJ).

As always, you can request a continuation/longer story for any prompt, at the going rate of 80 words/$1. I’m still working on prompts, probably through the end of tomorrow, looking at my list.

Let me tell you a bit about this giraffe. See, we’re in the final stages of buying a house, a real fixer-upper, our first home. The bedroom is the only room we plan to carpet long-term, and I fell in LOVE with this giraffe-print carpet. Lush, beautiful carpet, for a teeny, tiny bedroom. A luxury, yes. But a small one, in a house we will spend the next decade working on.

Incentive goals: for every $50 from $75 ($125, $175, $225, etc) reached, I will write and post publicly another short story as an expansion of one of these drabbles.

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