Wordlbuilding: The trip

So, I played around a bit with the map of Reiassan.

Assuming an average travel of about 16 miles a day (the terrain is hella rocky, and they don’t have remounts), I blocked out 4-day legs of the trip (conveniently, 1 longitudinal minute(for this planet; Earth’s is 69mi)

It’s a really messy map, and I have to figure out what to to with the one coastal drabble that now doesn’t fit. But. It says that the base length of the trip is 92 days.

This doesn’t include things such as the layover in Ossulund, of course, or the two nights in the cave, but even with that, we’re talking ~ 100 days, or 1 season.

Well, now I have to a) figure out the length of the Reiassani year/season, and b) edit the trip for seasons.

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8 thoughts on “Wordlbuilding: The trip

    • *blink* you and Clare are funny… I say “I need to know all this.” and you say “Yay! You figured out a tiny thing!”

      • I know you figured out a ton of stuff there (and I love your map so much). That was the “woo hoo!”. For me, as a reader, having an idea of how long they are on the road is the key outcome of all this. I know that is not all that you get out of it as a writer…

        • Hunh. I read that as “I need to figure out a ton of stuff; I managed to figure out how long the trip, as a base, could take.” Which isn’t a woo so much as an “okay, now I get down to the info.” The rest of it… those maps are months old. And I don’t feel I know how long they are on the road yet.

  1. With your editing for seasons don’t forget the difference the north-south change might make too, and the move to the coast at the end.

      • For me it grows warmer as I go north :). Is Reissan sufficientll like North America that where they’re winding up is going to be in or on the edge of the equivalent of your North West forests?

        • Reiassan is mapped on a combination of Russia and North America. Up further north it’s arctic, Alaska-like. I thought about turning it around, but decided I was more comfortable writing north-up-cold.

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